1. i just bought this for 9k i don’t know anything about cars really did i get a good deal or was i robbed i did as much research as i could all the mods are on the last page and is the power steering a big problem in subarus?

  2. I mean power steering will be the least of your worries I’d imagine with that mod list there’s a good chance that car could be a ticking time bomb although it all looks good!

  3. “My mom came outside to goddamn stop the fighting The lady had got in the car and just pulled off doing at Like, 60 miles per hour, ran my mom over She had a stroke and shit, but she alright Yeah…

  4. This has been my background on my phone since at least last April ! I laughed when I saw it on here

  5. When a 3rd year apprentice, 23 years ago, I had to do a hot tap on a 350Kcmil in a nursing home. Since it was a nursing home shutting it down wasn't an option, but the hot tap was designed to be installed on hot conductors and came with an insulating wrap to install after it was complete. The rub was that the bolt that tightened the jaws on the tap would be energized.

  6. Yeah I was wondering if starlink would still start my car even if I want a manual ?

  7. It goes off of amount of games played with certain items and most people are not as informed as the people on this subreddit?

  8. I’d love a scoop made of the same material and texture as the fender flares… idk if it would look good in reality but I dig the thought of it

  9. I had the MBRP axleback for 4 hours and it was the worst sounding thing I’ve ever heard. Id love an affordable catback system that is just louder than stock

  10. Really? Can you like explain how it was really bad? I was just about to but that exact one and now I’m second guessing

  11. Drove a 11 hour round trip a few weeks ago and no gripes at all actually. Was quite surprised. Was also averaging 34mpg the entire time.

  12. After reading all of the comments, I’m not sure what you’re looking for here. These pods will indeed work with a keurig or any other keurig compatible brewer.

  13. I have the ninja coffee maker that does keurig and pour over and it probably doesn’t have that, I could try a compostable pod in there for science

  14. Are you sure? Isn't that just for the adaptive headlights (auto high beams?)

  15. I got a sport model and it has the same mirror as the picture and it’s auto dimming, hope this helps!

  16. Since you said "sport" I'm assuming you're not in the USA, I don't think we get auto-dimming standard. I could be wrong... But we don't get the rear seat heaters, spare tire, etc. I feel like we don't get the auto-dimming mirror either

  17. Sheesh I didn’t get rear heated seats but I am in Canada And we did get a spare tire and idk if you guys get this in the mid level trim but the HK audio too?

  18. Yeah. Although since it is the brand in question, she actually did give a good idea of what height the inseam was made for, which could be helpful :)

  19. Appreciate you all and I’m sure the lady will too! Y’all are the goats and so helpful I really like this subreddit because she doesn’t use Reddit and has the hardest time finding clothes

  20. So cute! As others have said, it does look like the lululemon one. However, it looks like they only have it available in 25 inch inseams. As someone who’s the same height as your girlfriend, I would probably be happier getting

  21. Very good to know! I know the 25 inseam is too long for her legs from lily lemon and I get them hemmed usually so I may go that route but I will look into the athleta one for sure!

  22. Huge wrx noob here but what are those round things behind the grille I’ve tried to Google it so many times

  23. Honestly what I originally thought lol but I was like no way this many people have them

  24. Yeah, OP seems to forget this every time they feel the need to spam this sub with another post trying to convince themselves that they made a good financial decision. I enjoy the VB platform quite a bit, but OP doesn't realize that dumping 10k into making the appearance right just ain't it. And, to make matters worse, they are just perpetuating the divide between every member in this sub and the VB owners with their purposely inflammatory titles.

  25. It’s not that deep it’s basically an advertisement to get your fender flares / bumper paint matched by afd

  26. If the body is good, it’s there because of the engine. Leak and compress aren’t going to spot a bad rod bearing.

  27. But it really depends on what his goal with the car is, whether he’s trying to build it up significantly maybe a new motor is best but if he’s ripping the 08 hatch like a 14 year old car and doesn’t expect to get too too long out of the other parts maybe a junkyard engine may not be bad? But your point is very good about the tests not being able to detect the problem … I’m not experienced in any way … this is not financial advice

  28. Bruh I thought I was good cuz I got to wave 80 getting carried by a yinyang user

  29. Gotta go into the global chat and run amtw and you’ll soar because I was the same way for most of my time playing

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