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  1. Yea the main League of Legend subreddit is always nothing but pro play and anything not pro play is taken down. They need to change the name of the sub because it is all pro play

  2. Which reminds me ... napalabas na ba yung Voltes V na show nila na 5 years na yata in the making?

  3. I regret tapping the picture 😭 good morning to me

  4. Because too much excitement pools in my body to which I can only relieve by walking around. My type of daydreaming is about my ideal self experiencing different stuffs in different types of anime. The thought alone makes me so happy that my body can't be still and at this point, I'm in too deep.

  5. Wow I actually feel the same. Really insane how similar we all are here

  6. So I’m not the only one who does this 🗿 this explains why cars are the supreme daydream mobiles

  7. Omg yes... So it's not about us being active, but more of us MOVING (even if we're just sitting)?

  8. I still cant believe sometimes that theres a name for this phenomenon I thought I was just weird af

  9. Regardless if it’s true or not, the irony of drama channels telling someone to stop talking about them

  10. It seems foldables just aren't peaking or gaining momentum as it should? Maybe it's because of the pricing? And also maybe it's why Apple is taking their time to create a foldable Apple product coz it's just not THERE yet?

  11. Caught in 4 fucking K 💀💀💀 💅

  12. My favorite is the minimap now shows health bars!

  13. Daydreaming about my real life crushes really ruined my life tbh coz I'm creating an idealized version of them in my mind 😥

  14. No it's not really. MLBB captures the spirit of mobile MOBA's of being fast simple fun and easy to pick up while WR feels like PC league but for Mobile

  15. Yes this is exactly why MLBB is still going well. It's incredibly optimized for mobile. Let's see what happens with Honor of Kings tho when it gets released globally. HoK is actually the original mobile MOBA, it arrived months before MLBB's launch in 2016.

  16. Same feels. That's why I'm doing a conscious effort to engage more in real life, talk more, socialize more...

  17. It just makes more hyped for the next season actually. They will be so cute all in love lololol

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