2. Usually don't get into this genre, but this is super catchy and the drums are great

  3. Holy crap, the production of this is unbelieveable. Everything sits together perfectly, the EQ on the vocals have been mixed so well. I'm a huge fan of this! I've just launched a podcast with a buddy looking at Indie Music - would be happy to send over a link to submit if you want it played and discussed on there!

  4. Video really, really, went with the music, great job being that. The music sounded so nostalgic in a very good way. Only complaint is the vocals were a little rough at some points falling a bit out of tune but honestly it fit with the track and I could see it being on purpose. Great work, keep it up!

  5. I thought the production was nice. I liked the guitar work. I think the drums could’ve been a bit more punchy, but that just might be preference. I think the biggest thing holding this track back for me is the vocal performance. I could’ve used some more personality and passion throughout, keep working on it dude!

  6. I think this is pretty professionally done! Good mix and video. I thought that maybe the vocals could’ve used some more personality at some points, maybe some more harmonies/layers as well since the beat was pretty empty. Could just be the vibe you’re going for that, keep it up!

  7. I think this is a solid track. The vocals could’ve used a bit more personality at some points to me, but that may just be the vibe you’re going for. All around solid track though. Good mix and good guitar work. Keep it up!

  8. I’d say right now it’s too early to give much of an impression, especially if you’re planning on adding vocals. I will say that the instrumental is very plain sounding to me right now. The drums sound very stock. I would definitely spice them up through either effects, or just choosing different drum samples altogether. Could just be a preference thing but that’s my opinion at the moment.

  9. “Who knows what we should be caring about? Every time I think about it I just want to tear my hair out. And maybe I’m a part of the problem too afraid to commit. Im just so sick and tired Of this shit.”

  10. Wow, this a really impressive production. The mix is really good and your vocals sound like they could 100% be on the radio. I like how much the beat varies throughout the track. One thing I did feel like it was hard to hear exactly what you are saying in chorus: "Please don't get attached it will make it [can't tell what this part is]". That's only real criticism I have. Excellent job.

  11. Thank you! My friend played the guitar but I did the rest of the production/mixing so I appreciate it! The line is “Please don’t get attached, it’ll make it hurt less” I can see how it could be hard to hear though

  12. Can I have a presave?! I have the same issue with my music. I’m not really sure what genre to call it. This has like a pop/punk/rock feel to it. I really like it!

  13. Thank you! The presave link is on my profile!

  14. Yo this was pretty cool. Loved how the vocal shifted around. Cool style, my name is Carson too lol. Keep it up dude, looking forward to hearing some more.

  15. Not my style but I think it’s solid! My suggestion would be maybe some more variation in the vocal as it got a bit samey at times in my opinion. Could definitely be intentional though, either way keep it up.

  16. I feel like the drums could use some more punch. Adding some saturation can really help. I could’ve used some more Melodies throughout. All around solid ideas though, keep it up!

  17. I like the concept and thought the video was cool. I could’ve used a little less reverb on everything. The song seemed like it had nothing in the foreground making it feel less full. Could have just been the style, but that’s what I would change personally.

  18. Each song is a collection of moments. You’re essentially building a big puzzle, with each moment being a piece. Sometimes these moments fit together seamlessly and no transition/sound to marry them together is needed. Sometimes all it takes is letting one sound bleed between moments to marry them. Sometimes, it takes a riser/other effect to marry them. The listener should know when each of these moments are swapping and it should feel like the natural progression of things. As a producer it’s up to you to trust your ears and find the best way to marry the moments together.

  19. Yooo great find. It's already been updated on Genius, I def thought it was Jim and Pam. That's awesome

  20. Yeah I just saw this video for the first time and immediately recognized the sound bite lol. Stuck out like a sore thumb since I’ve listened to the song so many times.

  21. I love Brakence and I have for several years now.So far this is my least favorite song of the 4 he's released that are supposedly from the new album, but it's good and energetic for sure.

  22. I’m honestly curious what you would change in the mix. I’ve been mixing music for 5ish years and this song has a great mix. This sounds nothing like a demo imo.

  23. He would only be traumatized if it’s treated like something to be traumatized about. This could be one of his first exposures to anything sexual. He won’t just be traumatized unless it’s a weird part of his memory that he feels he was “wrong” for witnessing. Having a proper conversation about the event could easily prevent any trauma.

  24. I ordered Uber eats once. And stood in the doorway for probably two minutes before realizing he wasn’t gonna bring it to me and I had to go out in my socks. Was not pleased. I am a dasher myself. I don’t make my customers come out unless I REALLLYYYYY can’t find them or their address.

  25. Just added you on my Apple Music love this song the vibes the feels indie pop at its best

  26. Hey mate, this is such a dope track. Mixing is really good too. Can't think of anything else but just love the track. Keep it up!

  27. I think the mix and production are really what’s holding this track back. I would probably just start from the ground up with the production on this one personally. I think a lot of the synths are way too stock sounding, they could all be swapped or heavily effected by some sound design. The vocal mix could also use a rework.

  28. I think the mix is the biggest thing holding this track back for me at the moment. The vocal sounds like it’s really sitting on top of the beat rather than in the beat. The vocal could also use some more double or ad lobs or something to fill it out more, hope this helps!

  29. I think this track is really close to being really cool to me. I can tell you are a good producer, I just think the sound design could use some work. A lot of the synths sound kind of stock if that makes sense. I could use some more depth and movement to them. Keep creating!

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