1. The show cameras are outside of the area being affected. Notice on the astronomer episode, Travis and the rocket team are out in the triangle shooting almost straight up. Their cameras had no problems or their launch system. But the cameras back at the pad with the telescopes did have problems plus the main telescope database being erased. Everything is in 3's. The anomaly area is above a triangle. The mesa rockslide is in the middle, between homestead 1 and the triangle. 1-2-3, 1-2-3. They stimulated the mesa, there was a gamma burst at homestead 1. They stimulate the anomaly region and one or more UAP globes appear above the mesa or towards homestead 1. They should put more radiation meters around homestead 1, ones that can record gamma ray bursts. The 1.6 Ghz tonal and gamma ray burst are only happening if an area is stimulated, and they are both momentary.

  2. This is happening near Sydney? What about Perth, Alendale, Melbourne, and Brisbane? Which areas of Australia have not had bad fires and which areas of Australia have not had bad floods?

  3. Add to that Australia is 85% uninhabitable. The outback might be survivable but it isn't habitable. When the British found it, the only use they could come up with was to use it as a Penal Colony, to empty the English prisons of the people so twisted and evil, they just wanted them out of England completely.

  4. "Out of the Wild" was a group trying to trek from a dropoff point to civilization. The Venezuela one was pretty good, they get dropped off on a mountain mesa, have to climb down and try to live off the land between their waypoints. Individual members tap out on the way.

  5. I dunno how they have over 2 miles of straight caverns on less than a mile and a half of land, or why they shipped in some frogs that aren't even fucking blind. It's literally all lies.

  6. Discovery and History Channel are fierce competitors, more like Discovery envious of History Channel success and trying to do Walmart copies of the shows. Discovery is mostly what appeals to real backwoods hillbilly rednecks, the MAGA-tards. It is Discovery that uses staged and scripted Fake/Reality TV. The only one they don't is Dangerous Catch, with the camera men traveling with the crew and getting thousands of hours of footage. Discovery is mostly owned by the Newhouse family in New York. It is mostly under Si Newhouse IV now and he is blundering left and right. He is also a majority owner of 4chan-ANON Reddit, Inc.

  7. That was during Dr. Greer's testimony and he is repeating an anecdote that has become a myth and can actually be proven to be wrong. The FBI did not refuse, the FBI was clueless to what the request from Strategic Air Command (SAC) was about. The FBI was at least third and possibly fourth in Tesla's room, the morning after his death. When they got there, the safe was closed and locked. Tesla's nephew Sava Kosovich got there after the FBI, with a locksmith that opened the safe and changed the combination. Sava Kosovich just wanted a photo album that was kept in the safe. It may be that this was Tesla's portfolio case that he kept sketches and notes in. This portfolio case was returned to be in the New York Warehouse where Tesla's estate was collected.

  8. Which AATIP report? There was no public knowledge about AATIP until Elizondo resigned from the DIA. The AATIP was never planned for public release. Most of the AATIP contract was to Bigelow Aerospace and Skinwalker Ranch. Bigelow turned over a preliminary AATIP report to the DIA and they have locked it up.

  9. The weekly Lazar Luvr post. The problem is his explanation for the Element 115 use is total garbage. Read the explanation and it is idiotic. Element 115 has been manufactured, by bombarding it with protons. It only lasts for a couple seconds and takes a huge amount of energy to produce, with no energy released as it decays, much less return more energy than it took to produce.

  10. Garry Nolan is the one studying metamaterials that has been provided samples from a crash site or some type of waste material left behind after a landing. There are simple facts here. Elements are elements across the universe. But many of the metallic elements don't exist in pure form in nature, they exist as minerals. They have to be extracted in multiple complex ways that can be very expensive or worth millions. In "The Phenomenon", towards the end, there is a brief interview with Garry Nolan and he shows the isotope problem he is having with the analysis.

  11. This thing of Absolutist Literalists versus digital video interpretations has been going on now since the Harry Potter books/movies. It was there slightly for the Lord of the Rings movies but the movies were so good, the differences from the book/books were 'proper'.

  12. If it’s ever proven that there is an actual time/space portal above the Ranch I’d fully expect the FAA to quickly declare the area a no-fly zone. Because, oh you know…. flight safety and all.

  13. Nothing has been confirmed yet. They are still studying and experimenting.

  14. There is also a gamma ray burst. The orbs look very much like disposable sentinels, kind of like flying cameras that dissolve after use.

  15. If you haven’t already I recommend you go to the website and become a SWR Insider. You can get the 7 day free trial. Most of the team interact daily on the chat and there’s all kinds of additional info available. There much more going on than a TV show.

  16. Wonder how this works, since this season was recorded during the summer of 2021. They are recording the next season and it seems they must be getting decisive results by now. Looking back at Season 1, it has been a slow progression defining locations and events. Also, now it is known Travis is triple hatted, working for the government, History Channel and Radiance.

  17. It was significant because the women of that future are no longer able to carry a fetus to term. Sue/Mary mentions that. The whole point of the Ark ships was to find a new world to populate all the in-vitro fertilized embryos. Mother is just an artificial womb, she doesn't produce eggs. Tempest is basically copied off the girl in Children of Men, and it is a common theme in sci-fi, the time in the future when women's wombs can't carry a fetus to term, and there is the Eve girl that is fertile and can still give birth.

  18. They leave Netflix because Netflix doesn't want to renew the license or they have competition that is outbidding them to stream. A lot that leave Netflix show up on other stream channels, many for 'free', meaning commercials, tons and tons of commercials. Some of them stack commercials towards the end, 5 or 6 at time. Amazon Prime Video now has a 'free' category line.

  19. The British government is a Theocratic Feudal Monarchy, a Church-State. Prime Minister literally means High Priest. Being able to vote for the High Priest of the Church-State is not democracy. The Anglican Church, the Protestant Church of England owns all the lands including the vassal states, territories, colonies and provinces.

  20. It is being found out a lot of hills are grown over pyramids.


  22. Season 3 Episode 5 - Former NIDS employee, retired former Army Colonel John Alexander was in the AATIP investigation group. The AATIP contract was mostly with Bigelow Aerospace but Elizondo brought in several military intelligence officers.

  23. Uhhh, he says he is there to fulfill the prophecies of the old testes-ment.

  24. China is starting to have panic runs on smaller banks. That will snowball.

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