1. The explosion comes from the planter, not the bag. It happens after the bag gets blown behind the planter. There is not enough mass in the bag, to blow someone up like that, considering it was blown and rolled along quite easily.

  2. Not if the bag is wrapped tight and you have to rip it off. Could also be layered and he removed the last layer. Could also be remote detonation. No clue. Just giving what I know

  3. You make a valid point, a bag could be a trigger... Attach a bag with certain components and it's opened, then detonation... The bag doesn't need to contain the explosives. This is a great thought adventure, I can probably be FBI'd for this shit.

  4. I did security forces training in the navy. They kind of dipped into what kind of IEDs that there are in the world. And I read the article saying that the potted plant was where the bomb was, but I don't think the explosion came from the pot. There's all kinds of ways things can go boom. At least this guy died heroically albeit unintenionally

  5. I look at it like airplanes. Airplanes are the safest way to travel by any stretch of the imagination, but when there is an accident, it's a big deal

  6. It's a big deal because you are falling from the sky, I guess the argument would be the same, it is safe, but when something wrong happened, the effect is worse in a short amount of time?

  7. Socrates once called Diogenes of Sinope a dog. Diogenes bit him. I like that mentality

  8. Oh sorry i didn't know we were going by fantasy dream land. I thought these were real life examples.

  9. Am I the crazy one in believing that it should be normal to have the utmost confidence in a person I select for a job? What's the problem with that? I never said what works best (which is reaching out regularly), but politicians aren't mandated to do that

  10. You didn't select them for the job. You voted out of the choices presented to you, and a ton of people didn't vote for your person. So to say there is any kind of trust and "this is how is supposed to work" is pointless. I don't know what point you are trying to make here. It started out as "we vote for politicians because we trust them" and now it's "well I wish it worked that way, can't a person dream? "

  11. Ok. So you should be able to vote for the politician that you feel you can trust the most regardless of party, and that it doesn't work like that because people vote for party regardless of the confidence in the person that is about to do the job. Is that better?

  12. To be fair, eating a live chicken is pretty difficult to do regardless of where you live in the world

  13. Americans neither want nor deserve your fairness.

  14. If we got serious about separation of church and state, we probably wouldn't have these issues. The government wants this animosity though. If we spend more time analyzing what fellow citizens are doing, then we spend less time analyzing what politicians are doing

  15. I bought it for about 1 second, then realized that he's buying into it foe the sake of the interner

  16. Looks like your uncle wanted to hang out, but promised you the most comfortable seat was not the one at the computer, but would make you feel important to sit on his lap at least

  17. Comparing being upset because a tangerine told to be upset versus a well educated man told you to be upset because your people don't have the rights to be actual people is 100% completely logical and justifiable/s

  18. I‘m not pro life in any capacity. If a woman wants to yeet it, go for it. But on the other hand if I don’t want it and she wants to keep it, that should be a her problem then with no liability on my part.

  19. It's issues like this that helped end Roe v. Wade. Under the national Unborn Victims of Violence Act, it strictly protects the woman's decision to either keep the baby or not, and how to handle prosecution if some outside influence explicitly removes that choice from the woman. It basically gives the women all the cards and justifiably so because it's their body that does 95% of the work to create another human.

  20. Thanks for all the background infos. And it really seems it’s all vague and overlapping on purpose. And 13 years for murder seems a bit too little for US standards, is it not? So it’s a half-life maybe? But in the end I don’t care too much, I’m not a USAmerican.

  21. That's half the problem with the communication between federal and state laws. Many states will perceive federal laws as open ended, and then they can add on whatever clause they would like as long as they don't violate the core federal law. For the example, the federal government can say "You can no longer wear purple on Thursdays" and the state can come back and say "We're banning purples clothes" and it still be within legal right

  22. He changes his name in the game, and the other characters aren't adapted to it. It's clear his name is Squall and he was going for something edgier.

  23. And who did they get to voice act Squall "Leon" Leonheart? None other than Angel himself, David Boreanaz. That character screamed "emo edge"

  24. Looks more like an invitation than a reservation. Community barbecues are always great

  25. Considering Mrs. Staunton (Dolores Umbridge) was playing a character that was meant to suck, and she did very well at the role, I choose her

  26. It's been a very long time since I've seen a video of a man sitting on video. In fact, it's been so long thar I can't tell you the last time I've seen a video of a gut shitting in a random spot

  27. $170 for a rebound book? This is a money grab. Fuck this person and their rebound books

  28. Separating the art from the artist does the same inclusivity. This person is just trying to rip people off. If anyone buys anything from this person, then they're an idiot

  29. "Any justice against me is an injustice" is basically what he's saying. Where do you think he's going to flee to next?

  30. I don't think he sets foot outside that prison for a decade.

  31. Brainwashing is misused here. Brainwashing would mean (in essence) reprogramming a brain to think a completely different way than before. When it comes to children, there is no brainwashing. Only conditioning and manipulation. You either condition a child to refuse or accept and manipulate them to see your truth (which is a double-edged sword)

  32. I read it. The article essentially says that Mindy Kaling deliberately made the show so bad so conservatives would fly into a rage and be mad at dems and libs.

  33. Looks like a red-tail hawk. Probably one of my favorite birds. Always wanted one as a pet

  34. next time I'll see one I'll try to catch it and send it to you

  35. After I saw one viciously maul and mangle a cardinal all while looking me in the eye, I learned that I just need to appreciate from a distance haha

  36. Meanwhile the dolphin: "'Ey girl! Let's go have a drink in this secluded and unassuming underwater cave"

  37. I'm not defending everything she said, but I do understand completely ONE of her inconsistencies. When she says she's not religious and also says that something comes from her culture and religion. I have exactly the same thing. I was raised in a religious household. I can't change that that is the upbringing I had and naturally it played a part in me being who I am. I'm also not religious. I don't believe in a god at all, not just that I don't actively participate in a religion. Religious upbringing doesn't mean I'm religious now. Both statements can easily be true.

  38. Generally speaking, that's called personal ethics. Taking philosophies and lessons and living your life accordingly. But to claim that you follow the guidelines of a specific belief, and then immediately contradict yourself completely voids your argument.

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