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  1. And that's just Earth's oceans, with a maximum depth of 11Km

  2. All layers of it could potentially house inhabitants, from single cell creatures to shit like Octopuses.

  3. When you dip your toe in the water you are no longer at the top of the food chain.

  4. Nope. Humans are the most apex predators on the planet. Like the rest of the food chain, we can still die, but the only other animals on the planet that are as successful at annihilating entire species are cats, and even then, their success is attributed to us.

  5. I like them because they have potential to turn casual decks into nitro casual with very little effort. It also gives colors with not so great mana consistency something to lean on.

  6. Crypto currency, and NFTs. An unregulated digital currency? Okay, whatever.

  7. I've been trying to help other players through content. I'll set my game up, offer my sign and just kinda push through.

  8. It's good to look forward. Keeps you progressing. If you do, you do. If you don't, you don't. It's okay.

  9. That must have been a shit translation, or they were taking about the "shadows", think Blaidd.

  10. My grandmother was building her house (she married money. However, the rest of the family struggled) so much father, sister and I went to see it during construction.

  11. The ability to identify reliable sources of information on the internet.

  12. I can’t imagine not having this unless you’re playing with a regular playgroup.

  13. What you're doing is asking for deck composition, and I feel that's kinda disrespectful. It feels, to the other players, like you're asking your questions to see what the best matchups would be before you switch out.

  14. Disagree, I ask a lot of these questions, especially when people say they are running 'underpowered' but very powerful decks like yuriko or chulane. You can tell me your commander is a low power version but it's just often not true. Sometimes it's to your benefit as well. Knowing if your yuriko runs all the big extra turn spells or not means you're either target one or not. If you don't tell me that information I assume you are running the scary stuff and target you first.

  15. No, asking "well, how much interaction do you run? How many tutors?" That's what I mean. If you're pre-game asking somebody what their deck does and how it gets to that point, you're just trying to set yourself up for the win and respond with a deck you think is the best match-up for all decks at the table. That kills the fun of the game. Yes, we all play to win, but when you're fishing for answers just so you can figure out what you want to play, that's not it, chief. What you're doing is killing the experience, ESPECIALLY for new players, so you feel better.

  16. Not confirmed yet but i feel as though stone of garranq has better range from the left hand, too. (I use stone of garranq because I have no points in INT on my character)

  17. How does your char even distinguish between left and right hand⁈

  18. My guess is, the hold their thumb and index fingers up at 90° angles, sees which one makes the capital L, and figures it out from there.

  19. Disagreeing with the masses. Reddit tends to be a hivemind of recycled or discarded ideas from other social media platforms, and trying to "correct" or educate somebody will often just invoke the wrath of whatever sub whose bubble you just popped and they insult/down vote you.

  20. Jokes about cancer and dead family members and good people that are dead

  21. I explain to people I have trouble hearing people in a crowded room and they respond by yelling "WHAT?!?!?". I know what they are doing, so I keep repeating that I have trouble hearing people in a crowded room and let them pop up over and over again until they realize they are being asshats or they get angry at me for not "getting" the joke. I then explain that their joke wasn't funny the first thousand times I've heard it.

  22. I disagree with the "don't punch down" thing. Everybody deserves to get lightly ribbed every now and again.

  23. And I hope it doesn’t, usb c sucks balls compared to lightning when it comes to being a robust, reliable connector that can stand up to thousands of cycles of being plugged/unplugged again and again.

  24. Genuinely false. Almost all of apples tech has been hilariously unreliable. You said the lightning charger cable was robust? Also genuinely false. The cables decay incredibly fast. The meme about Apple chargers wasn't false.

  25. We are talking about bloodhounds fang, a curved sword. It already has a built in ash so you couldnt put bloodhounds step on if you wanted. Besides, ive used it before. Its not that game changing unless you use it on everything and cheese it

  26. Yes, I realize you were talking about bloodhound's fang, I know what it is. Please don't patronize me to feel better about yourself. Insecurities don't look good on anybody.

  27. Dude they both start with bloodhound so i wasnt sure if you were confused or were just making an alternate point. Nobody was being patronizing.

  28. The way you came off seemed patronizing, but inflection gets lost through text so I'm game to call it a miscommunication and misunderstanding. I apologize.

  29. This post makes me wonder why I don't isolate my self in a forest and live like a caveman.

  30. Because you don't have the will, skills, patience, expertise or knowledge to do that?

  31. A teacher hit me and threw me to the ground, saying "good luck having anyone believe you". I ran home and told my Dad, he dragged me back to the school and confronted the teacher. They lied, my father believed them. I was in grade 2-3, combine that with the asshole babysitter that molested me, and I learned quite young that authority figures were not to be trusted. Now my father throws a fit if either of those are mentioned, as he can't have anyone knowing he wasn't the perfect father. Quick, ask why I stopped talking to him.

  32. At that point, you just tell family members in group chats and at family gatherings with his relatives and then bounce tf out after the story is finished.

  33. This was the 80's, group chats didn't exist.

  34. Fucked his half sister and then tried to convince the people that found out that its just like fucking your stepsister.

  35. I forget which nightmare on elm Street movie it was, UT one of the kids got eaten by Freddy while he was a worm.

  36. No, I don't think Dockside Extortionist is bannable. It's a good card, it's a solid card for red decks, especially mono-red decks as it gives you ramp in red.

  37. I feel like dockside is more of a ritual than something that punishes people for playing artifacts. Thassa's is another card i see a lot of conversation about, which is valid since its really hard to answer, but to me dockside is hard to answer in the same way cuz it's an etb and you dont care as much about the body.

  38. I'm all for "pregnancy is beautiful" and all that. But the amount of times my wife said she got hit on while pregnant is mind blowing. At what point does a man say, "this lady is 6 months pregnant and has a ring on her finger. I'm going to go for it!"

  39. There's a large number of women that DO go for it, though. It's not just men that are the issue in that case, it's both parties. Men and women cheat at very similar rates.

  40. Ye them cheating at similar rates really does not say anything about pregnant woman giving into advances of random men...

  41. Lmfao.... not really. You exile one spell and it's broken? You're definitely only thinking of being on the receiving end of this, and that's not good card evaluation.

  42. Usually counterspells that exile are counters with replacement effects, precisely so they can't circunvent uncounterability. There's scarce cases of the latter, where the most notorious one likely be Narset's Reversal that bounces them to hand.

  43. [[Narset's Reversal]] bypasses counterability and gives you a copy for the price of a [[Mana Leak]]. Sure it puts the card back in hand, but... eh.

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