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  1. Bro you are such a loser lol. All the man asked was name a strategy and you got defensive. That’s like saying you buy a phone and they are like “Oh no, we spend YEARS learning and getting our details in, we won’t just give it away to some random dude asking for a phone, build it yourself😂” like bro what

  2. Currency strength and weakness.. followed by depletion of pressure in the opposite direction and entry on momentum shift to the upside :)

  3. Doesnt ambien and rohypnol do the same thing?why was both prescribed at the same time?

  4. Hi, what do you mean? I will just be juicing thats all lol no specific agenda

  5. Like what will you juice for breakfast lunch dinner.ingredients etc

  6. Is the quarter pounder really quarter of a pound or is it shrinking in size as the years go by?which has more meat,a double cheese burger or a quarter pounder?

  7. i would need something that would work inside the values_list() function.

  8. Started looking into trading at 14, I’m 18 now

  9. What kind of strar are you using?care to share?

  10. i lost money on a callcenter startup- 15 seats.

  11. Her eyebrows warm the cockles of my heart.

  12. 6 person stripper poles with, with a center area for lapdances

  13. Wonder why so many big corps ceo are indians..

  14. Saw a video where poeple commiting suicide by jumping of buildings. Is this true?

  15. Will russia or nato use nuclear weapons? What is your opinion?

  16. Interesting indeed, but I don’t think ingesting psychoactive mushroom is common here than you might think. Although you can find P. cyanescens like everywhere around here, no deadly lookalike, the worst it could go is you pick P. antillarum which is non-psychoactive. People here more interested in weed, stims, kratom and so on. I think I’m the only one who knows about them since I never met any forager and psychoactive shrooms ecosystem here seems undisturbed. Not much people really know about them really.

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