1. Arabic poetry just goes so hard with few lines, comparing love and the sea is just, fitting because both are mysterious, deadly and beautiful.

  2. The old classics are really good, my favourites are by Al-mutanabbi, "My heart is aflame," and "Night Fell"

  3. Finally some REAL poetry, unironically better than the Instagram/line-break stuff that gets posted on here now.

  4. If you have split ends you should get a trim, if not, just take really good care of your ends and you should be fine. I only get trims if I see splitting.

  5. Camavinga is actually insane for his age, some really tried to force the narrative that he is only good against tired legs, but he's actually such a beast, I'm so excited for his future with us.

  6. He put those allegations to rest this season so quickly

  7. Lmao everytime they say something he debunks it, now they’re tired of finding new excuses 😭✋

  8. Sergio Arribas’ father: “Zidane told my son back then: ‘You’re going to make it, for sure’.” I hope he's promoted to the first team soon, very talented player.

  9. 4-2-3-1 with Rodrygo as a 10 and Camavinga/Tchouameni double pivot would go hard af

  10. A father! And a thumpin' good 'un, I'll wager, once you've been trained up a bit.

  11. Pedri, Dembele, Christensen are OUT. De Jong & Araujo are doubts for El Clásico.

  12. It's absurd to see Camavinga criticized; despite not having the same level of playing consistency as Pedri or Gavi, he consistently outperforms them in crucial situations. And let's not even begin to discuss how well he adjusts to any given position on the field, even LB

  13. Tchouameni, Rodrygo, Ceballos got a lot of energy on for Real Madrid, they actually changed the dynamics of the game, they should’ve been subbed in way earlier, and cama should have NOT been taken off

  14. Alexander looked up to Achilles in some ways, he wanted to be as great or even greater, that's why he said he was a Pharaoh and a son of Zeus.

  15. Cama is in my opinion a world class mid fielder, but France has amazing world class squad depth for their midfield, him being called up as a left back is proof that he's versatile and I'm extremely excited to see how well he develops playing in this position.

  16. "We did it for your sake. The world won't understand."

  17. Vini jr is most likely our highest rated player this season and people still hate on him the day he has an off game, critism is valid but sometimes it goes too far. I genuinely can’t think of any fanbase which has this little empathy for their biggest talent in ages. Especially one that does so much for us in the UCL.

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