1. Giving notice isn't a requirement anymore unless you have some sort of stipulation in an employment contract. The lack of any sort of loyalty to/from employer's is almost non-existent these days. You should choose to give notice based on two criteria here:

  2. Thank you! The organisation is great (university) and uses vague terms for vacation pays, but I’m sure it’s not shitty (may probably use “accrued vacation” model which would make me get very minimal since it’s only March). But my immediate boss is not at all good and I don’t care if I burn the bridges. I will never come back to the same role or any other role in the department, as this current offer is a huge step in career for me and they won’t be able to accommodate it. I know thjs, because all salaries are transparent here.

  3. What are the labor laws/contract obligations?

  4. Labour laws stipulate I’m not obligated to give any notice, but mine is a union job and the contract says 2 weeks notice needed. I’m concerned about giving notice while on vacation, as the new one begins almost immediately. But since I haven’t received official letter yet (but they promised by email), I’m hesitant to inform my boss now

  5. “regular employees must give 2 weeks’ notice of their resignation from the University, failing which the employee's vacation entitlements will be no more than the statutory minimum provided for in a case of resignation by the Employment Standards Act” - this is what my contract says. And the Act was so vague. I probably need a lawyer to understand this, but I figured this is not a big deal - except for potentially souring relationship - and that’s… okay. I don’t think I’d ever want to come back to the same role

  6. Yes, thank you for this! I’m aware of this and mine is a union job - my contract tells me I should give 2 weeks notice. I’m mostly concerned how icky it would be to give notice during vacation, especially when I don’t want to come back (not a very friendly place).

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