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  1. This is the 2nd consecutive ITSYL post on my home page that’s not in

  2. OOOH that naughty old elf is one meeaan bastard to bring this so early

  3. Here’s an idea if you don’t want to put paint on your lips. Kiss a piece of paper a bunch of times, maybe use different shades of lippy for some extra dimension, and then scan the paper. You now have a digital image of your graphic. Get an iron on sheet that goes through the printer, resize the image if necessary. Print the graphic, iron on the shirt, done. A decent iron on sheet won’t crack like acrylic will and should last pretty long. Look for iron on sheets with good reviews

  4. I thought it might be, I'll remove some of the flowers, weeds and moss :)

  5. Instead of the weeds and moss you could always put down a custom design

  6. You’re both geniuses’!

  7. Np! It’s a good solution and it’s a lil fashionable too

  8. You can lace your laces around the ankle and loop them through that tag so it gets pulled down

  9. Are the wallpaper and flooring both items in game? Or are they custom? I have a red room themed room but I'm using a checkered floor and the walls are just red, not the curtain like one you have.

  10. You can get red curtain wall from Saharah the camel. The floor has to be custom

  11. Cracking your neck isn’t great for your arteries apparently

  12. I love the app! I got the pro version a while back and never regretted it. Thanks for the hard work

  13. More looks like the staff of twilight. [Legend of Zelda: Twilight princess]

  14. Yes I came to comment the same thing! Best color scheme

  15. Tap, tap on the glass go the piece of ass So young and pretty, it's too bad she passed But she comes to my room and we talk at night She's demonic and bloody but she holds me tight In my bedroom, with her, I'm never alone And I kiss her cold lips until the morning comes Then she gone, I can still hear her voice loom But she only exists in the dark of my room

  16. My socks are slipping nonstop into my Docs (not to rhyme). They are coming out ABOVE the boot and they still slip down! The inner rough leather just drags ‘em. Any ideas? Better socks, a way to stop it, etc?

  17. I tie my extra lace length around the ankle of the boot military style. But I’ve also never had that problem, you’re sure it’s not the socks?

  18. I have no extra lace length unfortunately. I definitely think it’s the socks! But I’m not sure what socks are best for not falling down. Especially while I’m still breaking these in.

  19. Hmm. My bf and I both wear docs for work and we both have similar socks, they’re the hanes kind I think. They have the elastic built in around the ankle

  20. I laughed out loud the first time I read this. Her perspective is so wack.

  21. Alright, I'm genuinely experiencing the post-concert blues, I didn't think it was a thing but I'm both physically and emotionally drained and my dopamine levels are crashing hard; seeing my favorite band after listening to them for years through headphones was amazing. I had such a good time. This was technically my first concert ever. I fell 4 times--got helped back up, and somehow ended up in the mosh pit a few times. it was a sweat land and you know what the dopamine high for the entire hour never dwindled! :) I lost my voice from the number of times I yelled the lyrics, the energy of everyone singing their hearts out was amazing. Here are the clips I was able to snag with the person I went with. Unfortunately couldn't take better footage we were too in the moment. Note to self pack your phone better I dropped it halfway through the show and someone was nice enough to give it to me. Everyone was very kind, already missing the event.. time to look for future concert dates. 😁

  22. Fanny packs are a must for shows! And contact lenses if you wear glasses. I’m so glad you had a good time and I hope you’re going to starland in December! Those shows are out of the world

  23. These are amazing! I love the candle one it’s so satisfying to look at

  24. When I was 6 or so I went walking in the woods with my brother and came across two barefoot little girls playing in a stream who told me they were fairies and I believed them. I believed them and I wanted to play with them, but my brother said we had to go home. I begged him to take me back all week. I was so sure they were really fairies. After all, where were their parents? Where were their shoes? Anyway, this post reminded me of that.


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