1. "According to a petition filed by Willis, Graham made at least two telephone calls to Raffensperger and his staff in the weeks after the November 2020 election to raise the possibility of discarding some mail-in ballots in Georgia."

  2. Are you guys still doing this? Ew go outside please

  3. Here you are posting basically the same comment as yesterday. No one is making you read the article, no need to troll folks.

  4. Paywall article, accessible via PressReader with Ottawa or Toronto Public Library Card (or with 12ft ladder). One of the policy solutions mentioned in the article is to make expand the existing paid sick day policy. And the article reminds us of the 'postal code' inequity that happened during the early rollout of the vaccine. Article excerpts:

  5. Nice try, but won't fly. Contact your firm directly and ask for their parameters. In TD's case, they have set intervals between the timing of withdrawals and whether the withdrawals were consolidated for withholding calculations ( or they did three years ago). Absolutely nothing wrong with asking them the question directly.

  6. New report from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives says that Canada has a better (but not great) chance of avoiding a recession if the BOC 'moves the goalposts' and changes its targeted inflation rate from 2% to 4%. Author compares past inflationary periods is Canada.

  7. "Newly appointed Ontario Health Minister Sylvia Jones has not made any public statements about the worsening staffing crisis that has closed some hospital emergency departments and urgent care clinics in Ontario in recent days."

  8. I don't care what kinda mischief they get up to, I fuckin' love raccoons.

  9. Agree, the cute factor is off the charts and they know it.

  10. We had the same problem with racoons digging for grubs. Something like this did the trick:

  11. Thanks, will look into that - it might do the trick.

  12. Hilarious how, once again, the US is the very-low benchmark Canada compares itself to.

  13. The article mentions the 1990's peak in Canada. Devastating for individual homeowners but actual numbers surprisingly low.

  14. "“It is not so much the action which creates concern, but the visible after-effects,” said Bob Osborne, the group’s spokesperson."

  15. "Climate change is widely believed to be a contributing factor to the frequent severe weather events, the Climate Council said, adding Australia is "under-prepared".'

  16. "The ship, 176300 dwt Sea Coen, had sailed through the no-navigation zone through Palm Passage off Townsville, after loading coal in March. "

  17. The absence of reporting by the province may lead folks to conclude that Covid is mostly behind us. No so, based on the Star article. (available via 12ft ladder, or PressReader with an Ottawa or Toronto Public Library card).

  18. Upvoting for oniony headline and hope The Onion makes a meal of this. Sadly article is not so oniony.

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