1. Check out my profile if you want, I have a bunch of different shrimp for sale on here,

  2. this happened at my store too when i was there 💀 have to make life harder for everyone else

  3. oh my god what? i haven't been at wawa in a long time, what are they using to make them?! the sizzli ovens?!

  4. 😭 godspeed to the people on 3rd shift who have another thing to clean now

  5. is corporate just a bunch of "hip" boomers who think they know what's trendy? there's no way the average person walking into wawa is gonna be interested in/know what this is

  6. guy in the blue shirt is literally player 3 entering the match

  7. that might be the most vibrant swordtail i've ever seen! also happy cake day!

  8. the peach mango smoothies (they discontinued the peach base) and the cinnamon rolls with fresh icing (we popped them in the oven, then iced them ourselves). i also miss the old parfaits with the actual fruit you put in

  9. oh yeah lmao i would NEVER go out of my way to watch hake unless he's memeing it up on someone's stream i watch. check the most recent stream vod

  10. he is so unhinged yet the height of entertainment. nothing is funnier than hearing him say "anal sex isn't real" with a straight face lmao

  11. love the SEO here, like "jellyfish" and "reptile" as if anything's gonna fit in a 3/5 of a gallon cube 💀

  12. i have a regular pair of mourning doves that hang out on my AC unit too! 🥰

  13. i think the biggest surprise was finding out HE HAS A SALTWATER TANK TOO 😭

  14. been following your work since that post, hoping to snag one this time around!! 🥰

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