1. Can you play with them at all? Like are they worth keeping to build a deck or nah?

  2. I thought the same thing. The RL forbids them from printing legal cards. It does not forbid making already printed cards legal.

  3. Hate it, but am libra. So purchase I will.

  4. Can someone translate this into English? This person literally just said Biden is the main cause of life today. Biden is a holy deity that gives life to humans? Or does this mean that Biden is giving birth to every baby on the planet?

  5. If you go in a She-Hulk thread just to say "this show is trash," then I have to wonder why you bothered. Is it because you think that's meaningful discussion? Or is it because you're sexist?

  6. It's the biggest film franchise on the planet, it's gonna get alot of conversation going.

  7. Bigger than the franchise that only puts out a movie once every couple of years? … yes.

  8. wait why do they need bullet resistant walls? did something happen before?

  9. There's a group of psychotic violent forced-birthers in America that would rather kill a woman than allow her to get an abortion. They're called republicans.

  10. I would love to see a Smash Bros fan game where the only main difference is that the characters are 8-bit

  11. One of my biggest complaints of the first movie is that Nakia was making the exact same points as Killmonger yet never gets any of the credit

  12. Again with the stupid presumptions about me personally. Typical Reddit. Asking someone to solve a problem you should be working on yourself is being entitled. Asking a supernatural being to do anything on the other hand isn't. It's really silly to compare the two because it's not any more entitled than hoping things were a certain way.

  13. Hes the kid that says "but I want to watch the soldier's" I think

  14. Why did you put an apostrophe is "soldiers" despite it being a non-possessive plural noun?

  15. The door moves ok. The spring is not quite offsetting its full weight but I’m not touching the spring-of-death. I dripped some oil into the pivots.

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