1. Seekers are weakest to elemental damage (besides spirit which they’re immune to), they resist all physical damage. So Frostner is great, as are the new Sword and Atgier

  2. wow, i could have been using frostner this whole time :/

  3. Why are American stall doors so fucking weird

  4. I’d like to know more about this, I didn’t know this specific part

  5. his sentence for being gay was "chemical castration", which was the same drugs as hrt. i'm sure he had other reasons for being depressed, also, since he was being publicly persecuted

  6. oh, the end of it. i know what's about to happen :(

  7. my last birthday totally sucked too. i hope something nice happens in your life

  8. he's funny like being punched in the balls really hard can be funny

  9. i can't remember whether you are the real bonepill or not and a christian reference is not making it easier for me

  10. black forest is really nice, but honestly, now that i'm a bit into mistlands and i'm not getting rolled every two seconds, i think the landscape might make it the best

  11. Hi, another cis person here :) Just wanted to second this. Reading that cis people make others seemingly increasingly uncomfortable on this sub makes me even more resolved to speak out when I notice other cis people behaving like an AH... Because I am really grateful that I am allowed here and I am willing to do my best to help 🙈 (Once again thank you all for allowing cis people in here)

  12. i can't speak for trans people because i think i should act like a guest too, but you have always seemed very polite

  13. real men don't apologize, it's a sign of weakness /s

  14. as Lessinizer says, if you combine a large number of faces, the result with look attractive.

  15. xenos seem so niche. if you work in hr, have you (or has anyone) seen any effect of any more normal but still non-normative pronoun stuff in professional environments? professional they/thems, or people who use opposite pronouns but present as their agab?

  16. God dammit okay people are probably going to call me cringe for this but whatever. I genuinely looked up to her for so long. Like she really was the embodiment of being yourself despite being in a culture that hates you. She faced so much ostracizing from her military friends because of this but she stuck through it.

  17. i have some too and i don't have any cute tran pics

  18. first real love interest was schizotypal. thought she was a for real vampire (i did too, later, tbf, guess it's catching). was mostly just my fwb sometimes but was really into this other guy and treated me like shit. i didn't enjoy humiliation (still don't) but i liked her enough to basically act like a lifestyle submissive, which was what she wanted from me.

  19. after some atrophy, it seems more normal to me to call it a clit

  20. rushing into marriage is not a reasonable expectation period. neither is rushing into property ownership. speed is a foolish priority

  21. tallest girl ever was 8', hon. lots of cis women...

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