1. Less fat content, the taste of fat is influenced by the animals feed, conventional raised animal don’t taste as good (rancid,unappealing tasting fat) as to were grass fed / pasture fed meats taste completely different (sweet, whole imo).

  2. Good point! I only buy beef from a local regenerative farm though. I love ribeye, don't get me wrong! I just liked the flank even more. (My husband hates fat so I always trim his steaks and save the extra fat for myself hehe)

  3. If you like lean cuts and buy from a farm you should see if you can get a tri tip. It’s mostly popular on the west coast but it’s on of my fave cuts because it’s so lean while still being tender and flavorful.

  4. There are many different causes of ED. My husband had trouble as a vegan because his T tanked, thanks to extremely low cholesterol. After a year of a more balanced diet, his T got in the normal range for the first time in a decade :-)

  5. We are the same height and weight, so I feel you! You can click my profile to see the outfits I wear as an overweight TR, which I think would work well for R too. Basically, I live in mom jeans and tops with some sort of draping detail. I don't look good with waist cinching, but tucking the top gives a nice R friendly shape. I usually add a cardigan when I'm feeling insecure about my rolls 🤣

  6. I just looked through your profile and I just adore your style and color matching inspiration!! I really admire your fashion!

  7. Thank you! That means so much to me, as someone who wore nothing but black a year ago!

  8. Most of the animal products I consume are dairy, then eggs, then beef. Before beef, I did fish. Dairy and fish had the most noticeable impacts on my health: When I introduced dairy, my skin cleared up (I was very dry and bumpy as a vegan), and when I added fish, my mental capacity sharpened. Other health effects I can't really link to specific animal products because I incorporated them when I was consuming others.

  9. I did stuff like this as an end stage vegan. It's because your brain isn't working correctly anymore, so you're incapable of rational thought and prioritizing. I had decision fatigue constantly because it took too much effort to make logical and obvious choices.

  10. Thank you! I need to do more poshing. It’s hard since my coloring is soft summer and those colors are not out there much especially in fall haha.

  11. Hi there!!! I'm an avid posher and a SS. I was going to DM you but your chats are closed (for good reason lmao). If you're interested, send me a message! 🐨

  12. If I saw these photos in black and white and someone told me this was an Old Hollywood fashion icon, I would believe it!!!!! You are so stylish and beautiful. Immaculate!!

  13. Yes, check out seasonal color analysis! It's a lot more complex than light skin/ dark hair etc. For example, most people would say my skin is light and my hair is dark, but soft, hazy, cool, pale colors (soft summer) are my best because my skin has a soft, hazy, cool quality.

  14. Honestly, the thing that helped me most emotionally was the fact that the longer I ate animals, the better I felt. It's hard to want to go back to deprivation when you're sleeping well, your hair is growing, your skin isn't painful, and your mind is clear. Knowing that changing back to veganism would mean that painful crawl back toward death made the emotional issues evaporate-- and this is coming from someone who sobbed when she ate her first egg, and sobbed harder when she ate her first meat. But the human body wants to survive, and so does the mind.

  15. Oh ok, the thing most of us did that left us depleted and sick. So if doing it "correctly" leaves people sick, I'm glad we didn't do it "incorrectly"!

  16. You got with everyone else here and analyzed each other and kept a journal, and “most of us did it correctly “? You have no basis in fact to conclude that. There are plenty of vegans that don’t follow the diet in a healthy manner.

  17. I am speaking based on what people have said here, and based on my own experience of wfpb. You can say I didn't "do it right," but your argument doesn't persuade here, because I know for a fact that I personally did. Doesn't matter if you believe me, but if your point in coming here was to tell me I wasn't wfpb, then you're wasting your time. And no one who has developed vision trouble, osteoporosis, low cholesterol, or any of the other miriad troubles associated from vitamin D deficiency alone will say "oh you're right, let me go back to a diet that contains no vitamin D."

  18. Less rational: Dr. Gregor looks like a ghoul. He doesn't look like what I imagine a peak 51 year old to look.

  19. What's crazy is that he looks even worse than that on video, and in that photo you can still see his cavities! Like, it's a heavily edited photo and he still looks that bad.

  20. I was in the same boat a couple years ago! First, look at the few videos of Greger you can find on YouTube. There aren't many, because he looks like death. Watch videos of him from within the last five years, and then it will be easy to do the exact opposite of what he does.

  21. I think it’s BETTER to live in the ballpark (but really study and digest and internalize the kibbe aesthetic theory so you know that what you think of as yin, is the same as what Kibbe describes as yin).

  22. Good point! I think living in the ballpark allows me a lot of room to explore what really feels right for me. Someday it might lead me to an image ID, but I will be okay even if it doesn't!

  23. If you’re really embracing the art theory of yin and yang then by design it should guide you right to your ID. That’s basically what DK has people do via his strictly kibbe exercises so they can self-type. And this attention to individuality is explicitly encouraged by DK because it helps you style your “individual line” within the greater ID category that you fall into.

  24. I have done most of the SK exercises but got stuck at the shape exercise. But the exercises that came before really helped me embrace my individual mostly-yin balance! Someday I hope to return to the exercises, but I still can't quite wrap my head around the shapes.

  25. You have some really great pieces, but they're arranged strangely. Could you create some conversation zones? I feel like a bit of rearranging could make this dreamy!

  26. Btw, I love the teal rug and curtains. This looks like a space that could be turned into a gorgeous room in an hour

  27. I would move things away from the wall a bit, and arrange so that there's the sofa on one side of the table, as it is, and then two of the chairs on the other side facing it. Then move the other two chairs to their own conversation zone, possibly where the photographer is standing in this photo, depending on the room layout

  28. I like garlicky yogurt marinated chicken legs or thighs, skin on, baked. I almost always eat my meat with a big salad, I just love the rich meat with the fresh veg. The other day I had my chicken legs in a Greek style garlicky lemon yogurt marinade, with a big bowl of spring greens, pickled peppers, tomatoes, red onions, cucumbers, corn, feta, and vinaigrette. I got the veg from the same farm that sells the chicken-- good stuff!

  29. What temperature and time do you cook those for? I've found different times online for thighs and legs.

  30. I am probably TR, and I can do straight line details in the neckline and hemline, but not in patterns, silhouette, or hairstyles.

  31. From what everyone’s said, it seems like everyone’s specific yin/yang expression has its own quirks about what it will and wont allow in clothing. It would make sense though that TRs could have a little more ability to wear straight lines than Rs. Its fascinating that you can do necklines but not patterns. Maybe its something to do with the slight sharpness in bone structure and yin flesh

  32. I think this works for me because my yang undercurrent appears mostly in my face and shoulders, so yang in those areas works, but the rest of my body is very yin, and so a geometric pattern or straight cut just looks bad

  33. I've seen your posts around style systems quite a few times, and this is my favorite outfit of yours I've seen! You look like a Sunshine Princess!

  34. I love short ribs!! I just got into making them recently too. It's so easy for how satisfying and impressive the final result is. I just made

  35. Those look divine... Definitely making them next week!!! Thank you for sharing. They will be amazing served with rice, cabbage salad, and lots of scallions

  36. I’m going to follow this word for word soon and see how it goes. Any recommendations for getting quantity steak at a relatively good price? I’ve been getting lamb steaks from Walmart because they are only $10 a pound, but it tastes obviously corn fed and eating the fat on it makes me feel unwell as a result so I end up having to carve all of the fat off. If I could find grass fed steaks that are affordable on my musician income, I’d be super hyped

  37. Tbh no, I have no advice on getting good meat cheaply. Maybe someone else can chime in. The steaks I buy are $18/lb. I would rather eat half as much meat at that price than eat twice as much inferior meat, but I do understand if that doesn't work for everyone. I eat eggs from the farm on "cheaper" days-- $6/dozen, so more expensive than store eggs but a lot cheaper than regenerative beef. And I still eat lots of vegetables. I wouldn't be able to afford this quality if I were carnivore like some folks here, so do with that what you will. :-)

  38. Wow, having that big of a difference from where you source your meat is massive. I wonder what the delineating factors are. If it’s primarily how the cows are raised then I could buy meat from regenerative farms online and have it mailed to me, but if it’s the freshness of the meat then that wouldn’t help and I’d need to find a local farmer (which might be hard in Los Angelos)

  39. I actually dont think it's a freshness issue, as my farm slaughters annually, so the ribs in my oven right now were packaged last year

  40. This looks LSu to me-- think of LSu as neutral-cool colors with white added, and SS as neutral-cool colors with gray added. This isn't hazed enough for SS.

  41. Wait are we supposed to burp? I almost never have, and since quitting veganism I'm just not gassy period.

  42. Interesting... I don't hiccup or have any stomach pain whatsoever. I'm not even sure what a gurgle attack is. I wonder if not burping is bad for me too

  43. Romcom protagonist who really wants to stay single bc she is independent and strong, but then she decides to grace a handsome man with her hand in marriage

  44. The sweet and gentle woman who is capable and independent but doesn't need or want a celebration over it-- she's just doing her thing and doesn't care to be the central figure in the film. She gives sage advice and cooks good food for the sloppy, messy, annoying protagonist and when the protagonist leaves, she goes back to her fulfilling life.

  45. Not very opposite, both have cool base trait and the soft quality is sometimes can result in very similar colors as deep/darkened qualities, so they are not very far.

  46. I was with you until you mentioned olive. Olive is by no means a requirement for any season.

  47. I second the berry earrings. With the left dress which is more formal you could do some fruit shaped studs with a shiny finish which is a bit more understated and a sweet subtle nod to the theme, or dangle earrings with some rhinestones for a more sophisticated look.

  48. Thank you so much for looking for earring examples!!! I really love the ones that make you look twice to see if they're fruit, like the last ones for each outfit. Love!!! Thank you!

  49. I think that death trap she talked about is true to both RU and RD for different reasons... we want to look cohesive and end up buying things that look minimal and don't add anything to the look, just for the sake of not disturbing the whole outfit. As RU I want something that is expressive, but RDs seem to want things that tell a story and are meaningful, we can't get that only with minimal itens (unless your goal is looking minimalistic, then that's OK)

  50. This is a helpful way of putting it! I find myself thinking "what's a neutral color earring that will go with everything?" At best, "what's a blue earring that will match all my blue outfits?" But I wonder if I need to honor my theme more directly!!! "What's an earring that will help tell this outfit's story?"

  51. You can click my profile to see how an average person accommodates curve, but basically, you need tops that are cut with extra fabric in the bust. They're not going to pull your bust in, but instead allow it to go outward as it wants to do anyway. Cowl necks are great for this! Some wrap tops and dresses too, but make sure there is lots of fabric. You want drapes that can expand with your bust, basically, rather than something that skimps on fabric and restricts you.

  52. That def makes sense. Making sure there's enough fabric and a flattering "shape" around the bust seems to be key.

  53. I have not settled for sure, I kind of just dress with general yin recommendations in mind, but most people tend to pin me as TR. 🐨

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