1. I recycle all the ones I don't want to do and just do the easy ones.

  2. You can't. You will just have to pay the gain tax

  3. Thank you, and everyone else that got the answer, I'm to lazy to reply one by one 😅

  4. Holding square does a spin attack also

  5. Snapdragon is superior in every way.

  6. Ummm who asked? Move on tattle tale.

  7. Are you the reddit name of ThorEmil?😂

  8. Gonna throw this out there but this subreddit should have a list of trolls.

  9. I always use barrels in survival, they're one of my main ways to take out waves!!

  10. Agreed. Also I use poison vanish to drop the barrel into a thick group of enemies and shoot it with a dart.

  11. Take turns with your friend typhoon kicking the last enemy back and forth like playing fifa

  12. 3 legs is too much. One is all a hunter needs. Keep the ssb. 5/10

  13. I dont really like ssb at all but I will change the charm I dont have a hunter one yet.

  14. I’ve found the stone striker to be the best legendary katana for me, and I rolled it to have Wind stance as well but the wind stance is helpful for dealing with shield enemies, which is the stone stances weak point. That said though, you can do fine with stone stance because you can do the quick jump kick to break a shields guard and also shoulder charge.

  15. Wind is good for shields? Thank you coach 🤪

  16. Fastest I've done chapter 3 was around 3:30-4mins and that's without exploits and glitches. Sad that you actually assume that the only way to be fast is to use shit methods. Good try though. :)

  17. You did that with randoms? I don't think so

  18. Triple poison vanish is highly underrated.

  19. Op, Would you like to extend your car warranty?

  20. The chart is showing you the date and value at specific times. I like look at where the line was

  21. Your build doesn't look like a problem.

  22. No one has ever been mad at me for sniping a tengu. But if auto aim should target the weakest Mongol on the battlefield, I am a kill thieving a$hole.

  23. Did you have move a pile of shit? Jk

  24. All of the above with a skill tree for each

  25. I suggest rolling your stats as high as you can afford before you take them to the next level. They get more expensive, the higher the level.

  26. No. As soon as any one gets a different leg bow. The suga bow gets used for recycling.

  27. My friend thinks you work for SP

  28. Haha I wish! Nope—just a passionate fan of the game since day one!

  29. My friends want me to ask you if you can get sucker punch to remove the nerve on raging flame for the samurai and put things back the way it was when it came out.

  30. What have you done for legends lately?

  31. Completed all weekly challenges, nightmare survival on daily. I got like 5 legendary sticky bombs today...

  32. I suggest grinding caravan of thieves. Especially when it's in the nightmare rotation. I got my bow playing hunter there a several months ago. GL

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