1. Have a look at the list of TSM Telemedicine docs here:

  2. This might be a good point to try to slow down the pace, especially after a forced AF day when drinking can rebound due to the Alcohol Deprivation Effect. Try keeping your drink out of easy reach, getting a glass of water between drinks, throwing in a little task between sips, etc. The point isn't to get a big decrease in your consumption, rather it's to break up the habitual aspects of your drinking while TSM is working to undermine the neurological aspects of the addiction. Watch what's happening and how you feel as you cross the line where you tend to lose control over the quantity, just so you become more familiar with that point.

  3. Yeah, this sounds like a Nalover. How much did you drink and what were you drinking?

  4. It won't do anything about withdrawal (like benzos would). It's more like you say, a tool to help you not want alcohol. This video sums it up:

  5. Mostly I hear about people running into nausea the evening they took the Nal, not the next day. You might want to try using an OTC nausea med or some ginger capsules.

  6. Many do find that Naltrexone helps them cut back on drinking and lose weight, btw.

  7. My guess is it would be ok if it was in a cool, dry place, but I'm neither a doc nor a pharmacist.

  8. Great thread! Thanks for posting about this and congrats on your considerable progress in the face of a long, hard fight!

  9. Thanks for sharing your story. It sounds like you've made tremendous progress. I'm in hospital now and want to start Nal when I get out but my psychiatrist wants me on antabuse. I've been on antabuse for 5 years and it doesn't work. My cravings become too much and I just stop taking them and resume drinking. It's such a shitty cycle to be locked in. Your post gives me hope, because come hell or high water I'm going to try TSM and I hope I find success.

  10. How long did you take it on a daily basis, Chipmunk? Sometimes people just need to start with a reduced dose and work up towards a full dose.

  11. It's not impossible. I've run across reports of anhedonia and so far it seems there might be a shortage of dopamine (which was medicated via alcohol). It may even be that ADD/ADHD is involved. If that's left untreated, it can lead to addictions.

  12. I’m 48 hours no alcohol. 24 hours no xan. Feeling good. Just focusing on keeping busy and drinking water. No shakes or anything just a little sleepy.

  13. Many do relapse, so it would be good to have a Plan B in place. This is something that works for most people and it can help drain away the craving for a drink over the longer term:

  14. TSM can change your drinking, but doesn't reliably stop you from drinking until you've been using it for many months. It certainly can slow your drinking down though.

  15. Sounds like it might be a good strategy for you! I hope others will jump in and lend their experience. I've seen others post about it here.

  16. Hey! thanks dude, I appreciate your comment, I hope others jump in too haha. I hope that the Sinclair method is working out for you. I briefly scrolled through your post history cause I’m nosy as hell and saw your “the real gateway drug: trauma” post and it absolutely hit close. Good luck and good healing to you.

  17. The trauma angle might be one to pursue too. It seems pre-existing psychiatric conditions (like PTSD) can cause compliance problems with TSM. Ketamine seems to help in some cases and there just happens to be a sub for that:

  18. Topiramate has indeed been used for quashing Alcohol Use Disorder. It's not a med that everyone gets along with, but when it's a good fit I hear the results can be amazing.

  19. One option to consider is going with a TSM Telemedicine doc:

  20. Thank you for these links I’m going to look into them tonight! What I saw yesterday was like $125 for telemedicine because it doesn’t take insurance. But then apparently my insurance would cover the cost of the actual prescription. Does that sound right? I’ll definitely need to do some more research to make sure I’m clear on all of my options.

  21. I think the telemedicine docs generally take insurance or will help you with paperwork so you can submit a claim to your insurance company yourself.

  22. I definitely plan to taper on. I’m worried about the nausea as I get it with many medications and the timing is going to be tough since I know taking with meals is suggested. But that does not coincide with the 60-90 min window before I usually drink. I usually drink after work starting around 5pm but don’t eat dinner until 7ish.

  23. You may want to start when you have the next day off, just so you know how it's going to affect you.

  24. thank you gonna check this out. Not to be a chad but is it relatively safe that i just stop? i wanna just stop, i havent drank yet and unless i have to medically (Iam SCARED of Siezures) i dont plan on it. I dont have full blown WDs (yet) but i get shakey, and more emotional and sweaty. I think thats pretty normal though lol

  25. I think it's a bit of a complex question that a medical doctor should answer (I'm not one). Naltrexone offers no benefit wrt withdrawals.

  26. Fatigue is a common initial side effect with TSM. Usually fades within a couple of weeks. Maybe try a glass of water with the dose and one between drinks?

  27. How people feel drinking on Naltrexone varies quite a bit. I didn't notice much of a difference, but TSM still worked. Give it a spin.

  28. Thanks for the information. I’m actually sober at the moment, have been for a few years. But I’ve been considering naltrexone just because I still think about drinking all the time, and I kinda wanted to see if it would change that. Honestly, I do miss the fun I had while drinking, just hate the life falling apart consequences. So I guess I’m curious if you still have a good time if you take naltrexone before you drink.

  29. I like they idea of tapering on beer, I can only drink so many of them. I am a small person and can't get enough of them in me to get intoxicated. I just have to make it through today till hubby gets home so I can get a ride. I really don't have any cravings right now....just anger that I let myself get like this again.

  30. I’m sold on it. Worked the first time. I just got too full of myself. May cut the dose down a bit to avoid the sick stomachs.

  31. Yeah, usually the nausea goes away within a couple of weeks, if not just a few doses.

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