1. No problem that I know of, just don't mix the benzos with alcohol and understand that benzos are quite addictive themselves.

  2. EMDR therapy came along before ketamine therapy and did indeed seem to help some folks quite a bit. You might look into that or therapeutic ketamine

  3. If you can stick with it without ever skipping the pill, the chances are high that it will do the trick. It will cure your craving for alcohol, but it won't cure the tendency to become addicted again if you drink without it. Our brains just aren't rated for drinking without the pill.

  4. Thank you so much for your thoughtful reply. I agree fully that the only way this could be a possibility for me would be to remain vigilant and also consider whether the risk of trying outweighs the possible reward. I’m very eager to give this some thought and create a contingency plan as you suggested if I do give this a try. Thank you 🙏🏽

  5. Best luck! Please let us know what you decide and how it all goes.

  6. He can get injectable Naltexone (Vivtrol) that works for about a month. I don't know where one might get an Antabuse implant.

  7. Restart the Nal and stay away from the liquor. You have to break any positive association you have with drinking and Nal will do that for you if you let it.

  8. Thank you for posting this. I really needed to read this today. I have an appointment with my psychiatrist coming up and I’ve caught myself in the same thought process you’re describing. I was going to work up the courage to let my Dr know I’m cured 🤦🏻‍♀️. But I what I really need is the courage to keep to what’s working.

  9. If you're attracted to drinking without the Nal, that can only come from the addicted part of the brain. It's a signal to have a brief "one and done" TSM drinking session. There's still more of the addiction to weed out.

  10. Yes, untreated ADD/ADHD can be a big addiction risk and it's one of the things that can make people skip taking the Nal. Glad to hear you found a combo that works for you!

  11. I'd say keep in close touch. The chances are that he will relapse and that might be a good time to tell him about TSM and what it's done for you.

  12. It’s so sad because I think there will be a relapse and I feel so bad for him. He’s had alcohol issues since he was in his teens and used to work as a restaurant manager where booze is just rampant.

  13. My condolences on the loss of your mother. Loss of a parent can be such a strange ride, there's nothing quite like it.

  14. Some people have good luck with therapeutic ketamine, OP. Have you investigated that at all? WRT "peaks and valleys" sounds like you cycle in and out of the depression?

  15. Thanks for the kind words :-). I was prescribed naltrexone as a daily medication to take (I think the dosage was 50 mg but I could be misremembering). I was told at the time that it would help me with alcohol cravings by lessening the effects of alcohol on me, but I drank just as much on it as without. As far as psychiatric disorders I’ve been diagnosed with depression, generalized anxiety disorder, and CPTSD (a lot of childhood abuse which I reinforced by forming relationships with abusive fellow adults as an adult, a pattern I think I have successfully broken). I’ve been on and off a whole range of psych meds (antidepressants and mood stabilizers) as an adult, but none have helped the drinking.

  16. If the CPTSD or other disorders float to the top when you cut back or quit drinking, that indicates they need more treatment or something that's a better fit for you.

  17. Kinda odd... Nal made me irritable for about the 1st week, but then it faded away. I'll be interested in what you find taking a day or two vacation from it.

  18. Hope it's just a keyboard replacement and you don't have to swap out the entire palmrest! If you have to get a new laptop, your IT dept may have to provision it on the network, configure software, etc., even if you get the same model again.

  19. I'm sorry you were subjected to such abuse, OP. That's horrible and I hope he stays in jail and gets treatment, as it sounds like he has little or no remorse for what he did to you.

  20. Generally speaking, initial side effects are more difficult with Nalmefene. Check with

  21. Glad to hear you're back on Nal and making progress, Sweet. That was quite a journey!

  22. Yeah, the shakes are always charming as hell. Happened in front of a customer once.

  23. Thank you so much for this video. We should mention Naltrexone more often on this sub.

  24. It's surprising how many people don't know about it. I guess most of the docs only know about AA and very little about actual medical treatments for Alcohol Use Disorder.

  25. Do take care. People that save their drinking for weekends often go overboard when they do finally drink. It's not uncommon to run into "blackout drinking" in these scenarios, so plan ahead and exercise extra caution. If you drink too quickly, it can shut down the part of the brain that helps you moderate.

  26. I definitely agree. As someone who’s either 100% in or out this def resonates with me. I don’t enjoy a beer or 2, I’d just not drink on an occasion if I know I’m just going home lol. But if I’m going out often go all in. Don’t blackout too often but def get pretty drunk if I’m out on Saturdays

  27. This might be a good solution if you find control slips from your grasp, despite your best efforts:

  28. If you feel flat overall, that might be an indication that ADD/ADHD is a problem. If untreated, it often leads to addictions. From what I gather it's a lack of dopamine that is involved. Many of the addiction (ish) problems you've run into release a blast of dopamine, which your Reward System takes note of and then directs you to do the same thing again to get another blast.

  29. Just be aware that while some don't have problems with it, some might. Even without alcohol some get along fine with buspirone and some don't, which is true of any med, really.

  30. Yeah, alcohol carpet-bombs your GI tract, liver, pancreas, etc.

  31. No problem! Let us know how you're getting along with all this. There are some good folks in the sub that I linked to, none of the typical blame and shame game.

  32. TSM can take quite a while to bring average consumption down and about 6-12 months to consistently eliminate craving for alcohol. The monthly trend should be down. Is he logging his drinks?

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