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  1. The thing is, the Left does use a lot of tools to try and force people to accept their worldview, but instead of trying to ensure people have the freedom to make their own decisions, Republicans are just using the Left’s tactics to their own benefit, so we’re in this mad power struggle where we have two extremely powerful groups using equally authoritarian means to achieve opposite goals.

  2. It’s easily the worst of the Raimi trilogy but I still think it’s legitimately good and personally prefer it over either TASM film.

  3. I was there the other day. Rise went down mid-morning so Smuggler’s Run jumped to 2 hours but got more reasonable once Rise went back up. I was able to get on in about 40 minutes. Everything else was pretty standard. Runaway Railway was at 75 minutes in the morning since it’s at the front but I saw it a little under an hour later in the day. I didn’t do ToT or RnR (not the biggest fan of thrill rides) but I saw that both of them stayed north of 75 minutes pretty much all day.

  4. Ooh-la-la! So that’s Little Egypt doing the hoochie-coochie, eh Dad?

  5. Yeah, she’s the star of the World’s Fair in St. Louis, er, - put that thing away before your mother finds it!

  6. Really thought they’d keep the name the same when they did this. It’s generic enough to still work with the new theme and it’s become iconic. And the new name sucks by the way.

  7. Not a fan of the government telling its citizens what they’re allowed to say but I also don’t care for violence or threats so if this is real I can’t say that I blame them.

  8. Hey, at least Vader saved his child when it came down to it. Can’t say the same about pro-choicers.

  9. Very random but I think the 1999 film version of Annie is better than any rendition I’ve seen live or on film.

  10. Dead. Very dead. Unless that whole “Anakin, you’re breaking my heart” thing happens to work this time.

  11. I just waited 80 minutes for this and it was excruciating. Horrible queue that just goes in circles and feels like you’re making no progress. And the ride is cool, but only to a point. I would’ve been okay waiting even like 45 minutes for it, but 80 so isn’t worth it. By contrast, FoP was posted at 90 and was a lot more tolerable. I’m pretty sure it was actually shorter than posted and the different rooms combined with the much more consistent movement of the line made it a lot easier to deal with.

  12. What does everyone think of the archduke? Seems kinda average to me, not someone anyone would fight over, you know?

  13. A lot of pro-life policy was illegal under Roe v. Wade so there wasn’t as much of a motivation for pregnancy assistance because a lot of women would have just gotten abortions. (Not saying that’s the proper way to look at it, but I think some did.) But now that Roe is gone, states are beginning to enact pro-life policy so there’s an obvious and urgent need for this kind of help.

  14. Same but with George Constanza. He’s so… UGH. I can’t even look at him.

  15. The jerk store called and they’re running out of George Costanza.

  16. If I hadn’t nailed that raptor down, it would’ve nuzzled up to those bars, ripped them apart with its immensely strong beak, and VOOM!

  17. Voom? Laddy, this dinosaur wouldn’t voom if you put 40,000 volts through it:

  18. OK, now answer me this: do we or do we not talk about Bruno?

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