What’s the worst thing about being a man?

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  1. I think all 3 of the Giants top pitchers in the 2010s probably fit this question for different reasons.

  2. The only thing to consider if these are in the 'wild' is if they get sprayed with pesticides or herbicides . As long as they are not along the side of the road or adjacent to a business, they are probably fine.

  3. this is why it's SO IMPORTANT TO VOTE. Even if all candidates are vile pieces of shit, you vote for the least shittiest candidate who can do the least amount of damage. We have multiple political parties here in Canada and all of them suck; generally, I don't really agree with many of their platforms but I also don't want a majority party either so I vote for the least shitty party so that the shittiest doesn't get a majority.

  4. I wouldn't say "the least shittiest" candidate. Instead, I would say the candidate who best represents your values who has a legitimate chance to be elected.

  5. I just wanted to say that I stand in solidarity with women who are angry about this decision.

  6. Most recent movie I watched was Ambulance. Typical Michael Bay movie. Non-stop action and too long. Story was mildly interesting, but it started to feel too long at least 40 minutes before it was over. Jake Gyllenhaal's character was pretty over the top.

  7. Bay's 'Collateral' is a great Late Night movie when struggling to find something, solid

  8. Are you talking about the movie with Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx? If so, that was directed by Michael Mann.

  9. As long as the employer is allowing your friend to monitor their blood sugar and take any necessary breaks, there likely wouldn't be any ADA violation. Employers have to make reasonable accommodations, but that doesn't mean they have to pay for time that isn't worked.

  10. If she can, your friend should get a CGM and this problem goes away. Checking a CGM is about 5 seconds.

  11. While this isn't an unreasonable suggestion, it doesn't deal with the OP's question.

  12. The problem with the author's thesis is that movie audiences have voted for the familiar with their dollars over and over. Unless the original movie has a popular star or is from Disney/Pixar, audiences generally won't show up. I'm not sure if the author's comment on originality extends to adaptations of books, but even these can be a difficult sell if the source material isn't Harry Potter, Hunger Games, or Twilight.

  13. The first one had the best legs of any movie that came out in the 25 years I worked in movie theatres.

  14. Are you sure you're connected to the domain and not just the wifi/network?

  15. One thing you can do to check accessibility is to view your site with a text only browser. This will help you see problems for screen readers. Also try to get people to view your site who are color blind or have other vision issues.

  16. The EPA recommends no higher than 30-60 mg/L of sodium in water to avoid adverse effects. On average, seawater has 35 grams of sodium per liter (583 times higher than the EPA upper limit). The 35 grams of sodium per liter is also 15x higher than the recommended daily intake of 2300 mg of sodium.

  17. I feel like I can’t genuinely enjoy being around kids without people thinking I’m weird or a pedo.

  18. The whole 'groomer' thing that right-wingers are doing now only makes it worse.

  19. I started noticing it getting thin at 26. By 30 it was noticeably receding. By 35 it had receded so far that a buzz cut was the only real option. Now at 49 there is so little that I wish it would completely stop growing.

  20. What about joining it to a domain and then back to a workgroup? Domain joined should wipe out the ms online option.

  21. I wound up doing a clean install. I would have preferred to find a fix so I could document it in case it came up in the future, but I needed to get the computer up and running so I could get it deployed.

  22. Windows 10 Pro with Server 2019 would probably be the best fit at the moment in most environments, unless there is a specific need from something different. If the company has any older legacy equipment, you may run into issues with Windows 10 not supporting those devices. For example, if you have copiers, thermostats, or other types of devices that use TLS 1.0, you will run into issues with Windows 11 - as well as most Chromium browsers.

  23. I like the line about the default browser for installing other browsers. This pretty much sums up my primary usage of IE. I was never on the IE train. It was Netscape, then Firefox, and now Chrome. The only times I used IE was for testing pages I administered, and a small handful of sites that didn't work right in other browsers.

  24. Also, if you work in a food service environment where a lot of people work in a small space, you should also become accustomed to someone lightly touching you on the back/shoulders as a signal to not back up.

  25. This is especially important for guys (and other people) with bald heads. I am always amazed at how quickly my bald head can get sunburnt when I work out in the yard. Even getting caught outside without a hat for 10-15 minutes can be enough. I don't normally wear a hat, but I try to keep one in my car so it's handy if I find myself outside unexpectedly.

  26. Looks aren't really part of the equation. As long as there is attraction and chemistry, enthusiasm is far more important.

  27. Fortunately I'm married so it's not an issue. Prior to meeting my wife I had basically given up on dating and trying to figure out the 'rules'. Decided I would just be a bachelor the rest of the way (I'm nearly 50). Fortunately some friends had the foresight and good judgment to set me up with the woman who became my wife.

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