Looking for a new car in Texas

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  1. Ultraboost were the best! Pure boost was just as comfy. NMD’s were stiff. Ultraboost was what sold me on yeezy 350’s. The hype fell off because they made them readily available. They didn’t throttle their releases enough to keep the hype up and eventually people lost interest especially after seeing them at outlets. At least thats what I think happened to that hype.

  2. My memory of the end is a bit hazy but I definitely remember some fatigue setting in. Not only were people getting a little bored but they also started putting out some models that really weren’t for anyone lol

  3. The newer models were goofy. They should’ve stayed with the 1.0’s. When people saw Kanye rocking the triple white UB 1.0’s, that also set off the hype.

  4. No, that will not happen just return them. That will probably be your last win in a long time anyway lol

  5. I’m surprisingly lucky on SNKRS raffles. Nowhere else though. That’s why I wanted to make sure lol


  7. This isbwhat needs to be done to the kid’s parents.

  8. Thats how you LC them. If the pair looks perfect, you have a rep pair 😂

  9. Can’t tell if you’re laughing or crying 😂😂😂

  10. Idk whats funnier the dude’s laugh or her reaction. 😂

  11. what edit? i ididnt make any edit here

  12. Dang. Well thats a badass camera you got. Shoes looks fantastic.

  13. i just use iphone 13pro max camera and use portrait mode. take the shoes outside for sunlight

  14. Haha nice! Kinda figured it was an iphone. Thats what I do too lol

  15. Thanks bro! Get in there and bust out them weights! I’ve been on a cut since this post. Getting leaner by the day!

  16. Damn those are OG!!!! I always wanted them in middle school.

  17. Spirit airlines…the walmart of airlines lmao

  18. Screw what your friend says and “MiDs ArE LaME” comments. There’s nothing wrong with mids as long as YOU like them.

  19. It was literally a pair of dunk lows (no box) and some silicone ice trays. I’m FedEx/UPS gang now for anything I want in a timely manner

  20. I’m definitely going that route next. Btw where in NJ you at? I grew up in North NJ!

  21. Ohh shit I’m from Teaneck. Miss the pizza! I’m in Chicago now and it aint even close.

  22. Are you satisfied with the quality of the shoes?

  23. Yeah I think it differs in what dunk your getting from panda chen. In my case he told me they were LC batch. Regardless they were better than my retail pair lol. And yes I am very satisfied with the quality. My wife wore hers to NYC and we walked about 20+ miles, her feet did not hurt and they still look great. I would definitely buy them again!

  24. Because humans only want what they can’t have.

  25. Haha I’m still trying to figure out reditt

  26. Simple is your best bet. I like the fit!

  27. You can QC your own pair. Rather than paying resale and get a shitty pair. Plus black and white goes with everything. So, yes it is worth it if you can get them for under $100 shipped.

  28. Yeah. That’s the new norm in purchasing a car now. It’s been going on for about 2 years. Where have you been? I was offered $15k for my 2013 Volkswagen GTI recently. It is mildly modded and lowered on coilovers WITH scratches all over lol. It currently has 85k on the odometer. Car prices are insane right now. Especially if you want an SUV AND its a Toyota 4 Runner. You’re most likely to over pay for it.

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