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  1. Sounds like he shouldn't run into d2 4 times in a row.

  2. Yeah, just a heads up, you need a display that supports 120hz.

  3. I sometimes wonder how many ps5 owners don't realize their TV only does 60hz.

  4. This isn’t a left vs right issue, it’s a human issue. And by no means is Jesus telling us to pay more taxes and vote for politicians that make programs so the government can help the poor. Next time you buy food at a fast food place, buy another of whatever you bought, and give it to someone on the street who needs it. Love one another !

  5. This 100%. If you think the wealthiest people on the planet are good devout Christians you're surely mistaken.

  6. Sex is most commonly found when you're not reeking of desperation for it

  7. That one hit me by surprise. Off to work I go, see you in six months.

  8. Without a doubt she's filmed people hoping for this to happen to them as well. Maybe it'll help her learn not to get so emotionally invested in things.

  9. Didn't play cold war but doesn't mw19 and mw2 have score streaks as an option?

  10. As an option, not a requirement like cold War.

  11. Oh, what were the score requirements? We're 100 points equivalent to a kill?

  12. Don't remember. It also didn't reset after death so it was cumulative over the match, defeating the point of what kill streaks were.

  13. Camping is definitely encouraged in the beta. Sprint to fire takes longer than ttk so there’s no way to flush out campers. It ends up just you hiding in your spot looking at another camper in their spot waiting for the other one to try to make a play so you can punish them.

  14. If you have a drill charge or a grenade then yeah, but you only get so many of those per life, so you can kill maybe one camper and then you have to either start camping or die to get your equipment back. A lot of guns if you try to do a jump shot the gun won’t start firing until you’ve almost hit the ground (because of slow sprint to fire). All of this leads to super slow game play and low kill games for all players. I was getting into hacker lobbies during the beta and even then they were only dropping like 40-50 kills because everyone was camping.

  15. Hmm. I'm 59, and I was just at Riot Fest like 2 weeks ago too. Hopefully, this isn't a trend.

  16. Male pop artist life expectancy is scary low. Female too but men even more so. Ranges around 50 to 60 years old. Not a surprise with the invincible rock star mentality most carry.

  17. I personally enjoyed the beta, a lot. There's stuff I'd like adjusted/changed, but nothing major. Overall, I'm quite happy with what I've played and I'm looking forward to play more.

  18. Forreal, this. Compared to cold War or vanguard?? This beta was awesome. It's bever going to be everything everyone wants. But is it a solid game that will scratch the cod itch? Definitely.

  19. Well I did say things most of us agree on. You seem to be in the minority.

  20. Nah, you're in the minority. Otherwise these things would exist. The nameplates is probably due to a bug they have, issues happen with teammates nameplates frequently, so they may return anyways, though I'd prefer they didn't.

  21. If you think the devs made the game based on what the majority of people want then you’re the one who needs to stop trying. A majority of these changes no one asked for, you’re defending them in retrospect

  22. Apparently you have no clue about market research, focus groups, limited public testing runs, metric tracking from previous games etc. If you think they're just flying blind making changes you're crazy.

  23. Game sense.... And this isn't a problem. Know when you have teammates near you, know where they are if you do. Minimap shows teammates.

  24. How is having a minimap show when you shoot anti campers??

  25. These are actually helpful and useful changes that would benefit the game. I don’t know how much destruction they can implement a month from launch, but I do wish there was more of it in Ground War

  26. There's no way to do it. I'm not upset over this but the game graphics and processing was scaled back in order to allow previous gen consoles to still be able to play.

  27. You can use muzzle types and experiment with red dots on the minimap,

  28. Less people using silencers helps offset the loudness of footsteps

  29. Not gonna lie I didn't play the last few games after mw19 but played mw 1,2,3 bo1,2 and they all obviously had metas but guns felt good shooting more or less, especially bo2. Mw19 was also a very nice game to shoot in. The problem I find with this new game is that guns differ so much between classes. And I do agree mw has good maps mostly!

  30. Yeah see I prefer guns feeling unique to one another. Each class should have distinct advantages and disadvantages that you can rely on depending your play style.

  31. I mean compared to other cod games I shouldn't need to use an smg over ar imo. Having me use only a certain class of weapons is bad game design in a game where recoil barely matters

  32. Every cod game had a very strong meta. Typically smg or AR depending. It's really hard with so many guns to balance everything. Eventually metals will emerge.

  33. Enjoy your realism when Snoop Dogg is quickscoping you in a few months time.

  34. Yeah, 1 year from now when treyarch gets their hands back on the title.

  35. That’s all fine and cool, just sounds like you want a tactical shooter which there are other games for. Moving away from an arcade shooter isn’t the move. We’ll see what the competitive settings are like.

  36. You can have aspects of tactical play. Cod has mostly always been rooted in some sense of it. Some games much more than others.

  37. You can, but that doesn’t mean you have to. When you start trying to broaden the audience by adding aspects from different games you’ll eventually get a hot mess. Copy pasta troll is nice, but doesn’t really add anything.

  38. Agreed. Which is why games like infinite warfare sucked imo.

  39. There you go! You get it now. The devs and Activision will do whatever they want since there is no AAA competition out there right now. Hopefully Microsoft will change things up next time.

  40. I never liked halo, still don't, but was really bummed it flopped so hard because it's good to have competition in the market.

  41. My main concern is they are gonna ask under 10% of ppl that played the beta, which at that point just listen to the pros and community giving verbal feedback through reddit, twitter etc. Given that I would confidently say makes up around 10% of the player base if not more. Would also be really nice if they shared the survey results, I know it poses some risks however I feel like the community would accept the fate given we are the ones who chose it and not a CEO who has never liked, played or even knew what cod was before they were hired.

  42. You're saying listen it's bad to only ask less than 10%, then you're saying just listen to pros and reddit........ Which is like 0.05% of the community

  43. Meanwhile I'm sprinting down a hallway juking left and right 3 floors down into the basement and somehow they still find me 👇

  44. I don’t think these shock things get the hate they deserve, there gonna be spammed when the game comes out and there probably won’t be a 100% counter to it

  45. I go about 50/50 kills to deaths on this. With a gun that has a nice hip fire these things are worthless, I walk into it, enemy jumps in front of me, they die

  46. Yeah I had this bug happen too, getting revived after dying while shocked.

  47. Only in Battlefield…well not anymore. Fuck as a BF fan since BF2 this cheers me up and makes me sad at the same time.

  48. It's more realistic if the ghosts of your dead comrades can only view your perspective from your helmet gopro, and not through your eyes?

  49. I think of it more as when your guy dies you become one of the politicians in the war room watching the live feed

  50. Ive just given you reasons at to why IW was a CoD game, again, whilst many didnt like the SETTING of the game that is completely irrelevant to how the game plays out, and it plays like a Call of Duty game in terms of the core gameplay experience

  51. Cod was the first widely appealing team based shooter, and literally the birth of faze clan gaming, the most recognizable e sports team.

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