1. Now put your hands in the air and wave them like you just don't care. 🤤

  2. They gotta hang. Simple physics. Natural is the way. Yours are great.

  3. Put my face in between them and have a helluva time.

  4. Old 442? That's some real nice runnin gear. Cars pretty sweet too.

  5. She had them lifted when she was 18 ish. To see her boobs pre work you'd have to find something older but unless it's saved already it's gone with her socials. They've fluctuated to both extremes in the time before her OF and when she changed her diet and put on the correct weight. The only time I've ever seen them not have hang was when she got super skinny. When they were at their biggest that was titty meat not sillicone.

  6. Truck was possessed by the ghost of Ken Block.

  7. That's the reason I didn't do all the license tests just the ones required to do all the races. I don't need that kind of aggravation.

  8. Yea the info is important but having it blot out your sight line is fucking stupid.

  9. I think I would have to take a break after that. Lest me eyeball shoots outta my head.

  10. Bathroom is the safest place in the poi's. Only one way in. That's where I go when someone gets a bounty on me. (I usually play DMZ solo)

  11. You gotta play strategically with a shot gun. Draw them in and give them a nasty surprise. I prefer the pump shotty good damage and more rounds on tap than the o/u. Good even as ground loot paired with something like the ebr-14.

  12. I don't think I've ever bothered using an actual race car for that race. The RX7 with the 787b motor swap gets good mileage. Lots of power. The only cars that were race cars were the 3 classics. I can't remember how good they were for fuel. The rain is the real problem anyway. Swapping tires and all that.

  13. I crapped on a whole dmz squad with the pump shotty. 3 rounds each. It was ground loot so I have no idea what the setup was.

  14. I don't remember if I saw what plates they had on. They just didn't drop immediately.

  15. Your game ate some magic mushrooms. Just wait till the walls and floor start breathing.

  16. I've been blown up 2x recently once with 3 plates and one with 2. One in a locked area that was still locked just poof dead. The other behind a big concrete bit of cover. Both times killed from full health and armor and no indication of explosives incoming. I don't think I'll be playing this again till the next patch.

  17. Nope. But I would be pretty choked if I did.

  18. One of her YouTube videos that she deleted.

  19. For me it’s not even the damage they do, it’s the precise aim and quickness of them like instant headshot when I turn a corner it super unrealistic

  20. And they're so damn aggressive. I kinda hoped DMZ would be kinda like outbreak from cold war. Just kinda doodle bop around the map blasting bad guys.

  21. I'm going to say he probably could hear you stomping around and was just ready for you. I killed a whole squad yesterday with a pump shotgun. Only reason I knew they were there was they were sprinting around. Just waited for the last guy at the bottom of the stairs. Never saw it coming. Also learned that same run that AI use claymores. With no self revive. 😵

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