1. I’m not a massive fan of any of them but Gary Anderson is probably my favourite out of the running

  2. Can you make the house as dark as possible and look for the light when it rings?

  3. I heard before that bin men in some states in the US earn really good money, is that the case here?

  4. 39k, I'm the guy driving the truck, boys hanging off the back are on less

  5. They do to be fair, mostly bottles of wine which I re gift :)

  6. Judging by that order it was your first day in a pub

  7. Never heard someone refer to a guard as officer...

  8. OP your replies to everyone disagreeing with you are gas

  9. Because its only a cold or a flu, need to keep the cogs turning my man, wife and kids to feed

  10. Rte player, if your not in the country try hesgoal or totalsportek

  11. Been to plenty roma and lazio games, always got them at the gate, bring your passport


  13. Most bars really. The 18 year olds don’t have enough money to drink in bars anymore.

  14. Keep that confidence my man. You are getting good at darts

  15. I'd pay if there was a match or or something I was interested in watching on

  16. Anyone in their 20's and 30's reading that does not have a private pension do yourself a favour and start one today. Control your own future and plan on any state pension as just the icing on your retirement next egg. It's amazing what 40 years of compound interest will do.

  17. Pay into a pension?! I can't put diesel in the fecking car

  18. I'd ate it no bother.. dunno what's wrong with ye

  19. Rolling stones called him the new king of Pop. He's like 12

  20. Post the link man the line between realty and a pisstake is very thin these days

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