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  1. Remarkable result… one of the best

  2. I don't think he sees anything that tips him off in particular, it's more like a gut feeling. He mentions that he has the same taste in his mouth of aluminium and ash that he had back in the 90s when they first worked the case. Those things triggering his senses because he has synesthesia, coupled with the fact he has great intuition (for lack of a better term) basically told him that this is it.

  3. I also thought that he may have recognised it from the video he stole from tuttles house

  4. Did you have noticeable amount of facial hair when you were 6'? Or at age 18?

  5. Nope not really .. now I do

  6. It was back when a really good clearnet site had research chemicals. Wasn't pressed in a form of a pharmaceutical pill. Just a regular circle shaped non-imprinted tablet.

  7. Find the story hard to believe, sorry. Clonazolam is a class of benzodiazepine… no way that’s clearing a drug test, no way. Any chemist could identify that from an NMR / mass spec …

  8. Clonazolam is different for some reason but it has nothing to do with the triazolo ring.

  9. By definition, it is precisely the triazole ring that differentiates it from a Benzodiazepine

  10. I see what you’re saying but it’s weirdly sort of realistic in that sense. That’s how a lot of investigations find their answer, by some small detail you would think was irrelevant.

  11. Agree, don’t know why this sub hates on it so much

  12. How long did you stop for ?

  13. Sorry but I can't study for years to get a degree I need to get out as living here is ruining my mental health, there must be other options.

  14. Grass is always greener. Uk isn’t perfect, especially at the moment, but it’s still a great place to live

  15. 256 is more than enough

  16. Why is this downvoted ? Windows defender is enough now…

  17. I can bench 100kg. How many push ups could I do in zero gravity whilst holding a banana in each hand?

  18. Really interested … what did you decide in the end?

  19. Eat a lot and get on 5/3/1 for beginners, then progress to the normal program… that’s what I would do myself if I could go back. Make sure you find a good trainer at a gym to teach you correct form, it’s very important. Don’t train with weights you can’t handle … always leave one rep in the tank

  20. There was nothing I didn’t like. Just wish they did more episodes

  21. Most caffeine pills contain synthetic caffeine, which is produced in a lab starting with ammonia. Not from tea. You can buy “natural caffeine” pills, however they are typically more expensive.

  22. You are talking nonsense, please refrain from answering questions if you don’t know what you’re talking about

  23. Dude Marty spent around half an episode looking for a landline phone as they had no signal. Marty previously told the detective to expect his call

  24. Hair transplant works on a principle of optical illusion. The principle is that no area would look bald unless 50% or more hairs in that area are lost. Most people realise that they're balding in an area once more than 50% of hair in a specific area is already gone, which is when it starts to look thinned out.

  25. Yeah, this is a question that should be asked and understood before surgery, not after...

  26. Oh my god what a difference … please give more details

  27. You can see all of the details in my responses to anyones questions in posts on my profile. But the basics are FUE 3,265 grafts. Samson hair restoration in Sherman oaks California. 10.6k

  28. Nice.. amazing results man …

  29. Info: is part of the lease agreement that the landlord can just add people to your apartment? I’ve never heard of that. It seems strange and unsafe. You’re NTA for wanting someone of your choosing but if the agreement is set up that the landlord has the right to do this idk what options you really have.

  30. I would need to check this as I am not sure if it is actually in the contract, but I don't think that it is. I am glad that you agree with us ...

  31. Can you provide a source on this? I've seen it stated on reddit a lot, but can't find a source

  32. I wish her father pulled out

  33. Israel is in a weird position geopolitically: Like Russia they are a land stealing, genocidal, apartheid state who care about nobody but themselves. It’s awkward because they spent the last 5 decades convincing a bunch of idiot Americans they’re the good guys and now said idiots are scratching their heads wondering why Israel isn’t helping. Just here to provide context.

  34. You’re a fool, seriously

  35. What did you do in the end? Was it the right decision?

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