1. Or just make the change before the house goes on the market

  2. My recommendation would be to go with 2008 Forester quick struts. These are readily available, direct bolt on, and give a slight lift.

  3. Hey, thanks! So KYB fronts and rears for a 2008 Forrester? Rock Auto doesn’t seem to have them. Who would be a reputable seller?

  4. Going from memory it was more of a biography, but still really cool nonetheless

  5. Wow do you have the link?? I can't find it

  6. She must have spent her youth sniffing glue and then went on to smoke crack with Mike Lindell, that would explain it...

  7. I’ve been in a bit of a 7 Seconds kick lately. I so miss seeing these guys playing live in my city every summer.

  8. Print a piece of paper and tape it to the inside of the window that just says “ITS UNLOCKED. I DONT HAVE ANYTHING, YOU CAN CHECK.”

  9. Lucky guy. I did this when I lived at my parents place in Houston in the 80’s and the thieves didn’t give a shit and broke my window anyways, multiple times.

  10. I don’t mind the older zigbee ones. They’re a little loud but I like them as an alarm clock in the morning.

  11. Synapse has some definite good points (serverless for instance) if your data is fairly small. We have a pretty good use case for it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s hella finicky, but we have DEP turned on which is “fun”.

  12. The area around Nashville is a geographical formation called the

  13. We looked for a house in Kingston Springs several years back. It’s crazy hilly there.

  14. all linux distros are equal. i would never talk about how the one i'm using is superior to everything else.

  15. I was only joking. I just remember way back Gentoo was the flavor that had the loudest cheering. I’m a fan of anything Debian, personally.

  16. I think it’s one of those roto cymbal things. Not sure what the correct term is tho.

  17. Looks like it’ll fit fine. The camera angle is super wide on the ring doorbell cams.

  18. I don't think anyone's left of the original Franklin crew apparently.. VG is nearing the top of their

  19. Interesting. I’m relatively new here and didn’t realize they were radioactive at one point.

  20. Have you thought about using your mock up as a mold and fiberglassing the outside of it? Then attach an mdf baffle to it with Duraglas or Kitty Hair?

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