1. Worst one I have received this season is easily Eli Mitchell (post injury) and Waller for Swift and Kelce.

  2. Taysum Hill or Hockenson? 1 PPR, point per first down receiving or rushing.

  3. Yeah I can’t think of any good Texans RBs in NFL history so Pierce is clearly a bust

  4. It’s not a bad squad by any stretch — the receivers look solid and you can definitely go to war with Burrow and Matt Ryan. The RBs seem a little thin to me, though, probably because you squeezed Kelce into the budget. Jones could have a monster year, but he’s already 27, so you might also be buying him post-peak, and Saquon still hasn’t convinced me that the burst is back (or that the Giants won’t be hopelessly impotent on offense). The depth beneath them seems a bit questionable and lacking consistency, which isn’t ideal with two flex spots to fill. Would like the team a lot more if you had just one more young, promising RB (Hall, Pierce, and Allgeier are all rookies you might try to target in a trade, or maybe take a stab at a more established guy at a discount because of a murky situation, like Chase Edmonds or JK Dobbins). But this team is workable, especially if you’re active on the waiver wire and catch a few lucky breaks. Good luck!

  5. Thank you for your analysis - I did forget to include Rachaad White, who I think will likely be RB2 for the Bucs and would compliment Brady’s ideal RB perfectly if he ever gets a chance at serious playing time. Obviously he’s not starting over Fournette any time soon, but I think he has a lot of potential.

  6. I don’t remember Giannis having two rings and two finals MVPs, or anything close to the skill of Kevin Durant. Giannis has the edge on defense and finishing, but I’ll take the more skilled player as the better player which is easily KD.

  7. Rings are rings buddy. Put KD on the 2021 bucks and he wins too

  8. Other rockets fans have said Tate, Sengun and Usman. These are all good answers but I really think it might be KPJ right now, considering half of our fan base he’s a 6th man or compare his ceiling to Jordan Clarkson. I don’t know the consensus opinion of him among non-Rockets fans, but I do know that multiple NBA stars have given him praise - KD, LeBron, and Steph have all mentioned that he’s a fiery competitor and a special talent.

  9. inb4 the notes apology of “song just came up in shuffle, i had no clue it was miles bridges. i am sorry to the victims of domestic abuse and to those who i came across as insensitive to”

  10. Does Scottie Barnes owe you fucks an apology for doing the same thing on twitch?

  11. The refs deepthroating of the KD warriors was so obvious multiple times. This was obviously the most egregious offense, outside of game 7 of the 2018 WCF.

  12. As a Rockets fan the only answer I can give is Curry.

  13. Regardless of what would happen in a hypothetical play in tournament, the Magic winning 40+ games would be considered a resounding success and huge surprise given their over under is 27.5

  14. I’m definitely taking the over, but I would be absolutely shocked if they get 40+.

  15. Schroder was OK to start the season and then he became insufferable to watch. Turned the offense into a slog even though he's the fastest guy on the court. Refused to run on transition and would rather walk it up

  16. He was actually alright as a teammate (not a player) for us after the trade. I think he helped Jalen Green when he exploded after the all star break as a solid veteran for a young team.

  17. Why did Russ win mvp and Jokic win mvp if seeding matters now?

  18. Defensive rating takes team defense into account, and his second best player was Trevor fucking Ariza for a significant portion of the year. CP3, Capela, and EG were all hurt for 20+ games.

  19. Didn't Harden start that with the "Just run and dunk" comment?

  20. Giannis was better after 2020, but not at a single point before.

  21. It was a fucking stupid joke and Harden was the reason Lebrons team won in that all star game so I hope Giannis doesn’t have any GM aspirations once he retires.

  22. Sure if you don’t look at efficiency at all and only consider statlines by themselves. And then there’s the fact that harden would be nonexistent constantly whenever the sixers went on a drought scoring. Murray in 2020 post bubble was better than harden last year. Just my opinion.

  23. Harden averaged 21/11/7 on 60% TS% in an off year.

  24. I didn’t realize harden was still that efficient so fair enough but watching him this year especially in the playoffs was tough

  25. 90% of all Harden takes on this sub are people just regurgitating media narratives so I’m very used to it.

  26. Man I know it was just summer league but Chet and Jabari’s defense is elite already. I don’t think either end up as busts

  27. Nah Jabari looks like the most likely atm.

  28. I remember Trae Young shooting 3/40 from 3 in summer league. We don’t care about it lol

  29. In game 6 of the 92’ finals, Portland led by 15 at the start of the 4th. Chicago started off the quarter with Pippen and 4 reserves. Chicago went on a 14-2 run. Then they put MJ back in and he & Scottie finished Portland off.

  30. Asking as someone who was unfortunately not around to witness the MJ bulls.

  31. What Dirk run would he have with Embiid on his team? On another note, I’m all for Harden winning it all next season

  32. Not the OP but I think he means Dirk was considered a playoff choker until he won his ring, like Harden.

  33. ....harden wasnt getting a max from anyone. Jaen rose was just talking about this. This is all to save face and to keep the perception that he still is a max player when he can be a free agent next year.

  34. Yeah I’m sure he forced his way out of Houston when we started sucking and forced his way out of Brooklyn because no team is winning a chip with part time Kyrie because he truly doesn’t want to win a ring.

  35. Yeah, 27.8% is a high 20s % for the fifth pick, I agree

  36. At that point, we would have the 2024 and 2026 fifth picks from the Rockets carrying the team

  37. Those picks will be in the high 20s by then so we don’t care

  38. Giannis is definitely the dirtiest top 10 player we’ve had in a while.

  39. Yep. And he’s able to get away with it by acting humble in front of the media.

  40. Astros fans🤝Browns fans

  41. Banging trash cans seems a lot less bad than banging massage therapists without their consent, nice comparison buddy

  42. Yeah because I was clearly comparing the offenses and not the fans of both teams pathetic attempts at defending them.

  43. Defending your favorite team for cheating games (when every other good team was cheating anyway) seems way less shitty than defending a rapist but go off!

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