1. Gordon wins all 3 that guy is to dedicated and driven to lose at anything

  2. Mine is from cresco with about 20 believe it or not it's amazing

  3. The downside would be it's a little dry but all ohio bud is. The taste is definitely fruity. I do see the blueberry, now that you mentioned it but nonetheless, I'm absolutely satisfied and will buy more of it.... well Wonka Bars next..

  4. Yea I mean it's not bad flower but notvwhatvibwas expecting from the name and lineage..Wonka barz is gasaroni

  5. That's what everyone is saying.... where have I been?? Lol

  6. Where did you pick this up at? Been looking all over since the drop? Looks great

  7. He said it's a terrasana exclusive ..meaning that's the only place that gets it

  8. Recommendation ..don't buy ohio edibles ..very very very over priced

  9. It's rosin produced at very low temp ..and I'm guessing they did a cold cure on a bunch of it at once then this is like the end where they had broken off all the big chunks and had little crumbs left I gotvsomevfrom klutch that is likevthis ..i like it actually really easy to control and the lower the temp when they press it the more terps.. but it comes out like a more fudge like consistency

  10. How many days is this?

  11. Wow. A hype strain is fresh. Never saw that coming. I’m talking bout for a lot of product they peddle. This is just Columbus. Newark is over the board with there honesty

  12. I was just letting her know they had some fresh Woodward

  13. Yes there is.. Now I have another I'm really sorry. It says that they are Hybrid now I'm an indica kinda girl I already have way to much energy so I need something that helps bring me down.. What one u like best for this?

  14. Yea sorry I didn't see any really good indicas i usually only go after indica myself ..but some of these hybrid hit me just like some indica ..and the wedding and lemon Mintz both do .. ..the cake strainscalways seem to be more indica then hybrid ..butbyhats just my opinion and personal experience

  15. Man that sucks it's so beautiful. I personally have had the same experiences with every woodward strain I've tried. Huge let down especially when the buds look that nice. I'm gonna give them another try tomorrow and get lemon mints heard alot of good about that strain. But if theres no flavor like most of their strains I will never purchase woodward again. I mean looks isnt everything it has to taste good too imo

  16. The lemon mints is amazing.. really strong and unique smell and taste it ..

  17. I had the 2nd batch of lemon ..I missed this batch but my buddy said its really good .. good as the last

  18. Are you getting any sort of message about why? And which brand specifically are you trying?

  19. Don't you just love technology? Lol... Glad it's working for you now

  20. Everybody is so funny i feel sorry for people who cant get to this quality or better on the BM 7 days a week and you get a full quarter for around same price lmfao yall will eventually stop being hype boys its ok I did that for a couple months to then I realized I can get better herb so why even waste my money lol toneach there own but I'm telling you you can get more for the same price and even better quality if you know the right people/person...

  21. Lol I seen you getvall upset over my comment..if you wasn't lying you wouldn't be can tell this dude is soft and smokes shwag

  22. Seems like you buy alot of woodward ..but talk shit about it lol..ive seen you on every post talking shit about every strain let me get this right bought every strain this drop. Spent how much 400 plus talk shit about it ..I dont believe u got any

  23. Lmao Obama runts tho.. that shit sounds like it will ruin a country..must be that Obama care weed

  24. Damn takes me like half an hour to walk a mile gottacwalk 23 there..23 back ..that is a days worth of walking for me

  25. I am finding out that strains that “hit” I think that is millennial slang for get you high, seem to only “hit hard” for one day, as I scroll back through the year and a half I have heard that native Texan spooky donkey thinks the layer cake is the best in the program. “The best in the program” gets thrown around a lot as well. I am always interested in the people who have “program bests”

  26. That layer cake is booty not very consistent ..always light airy buds ..not much flavor..dry .. won't ever buy again

  27. Am I the only one not interested in Woodward? I’m sure it’s great and all but $95 for 5.6 is laughable

  28. If it’s cost-prohibitive, then it is what it is. But there isn’t better bud in the Ohio program right now, and that includes Klutch.

  29. Klutch is much better .Woodward only has a few good strains ..the rest are trash ..flavorless terpless ..good looking garbage

  30. Only 80 by me actually cheaper cuase of 68 or 72

  31. When did cresco become hip, tried them three times and all I could think was Mexican brick... those photos look great compared to the three strains I got in 2.83’s

  32. Been good for the past few months ..some great new strains

  33. Their ice cream cake is nice to I like it better then the jungle ..picked up a half of each a few weeks ago

  34. Man this shit so fire bro it’s definitely my new favorite from buckeye relief. It hit so smooth and taste so good like idk it’s like super sweet and it kinda smells like orange 43 like the orange 43 from months ago when it was hitting super hard.

  35. Damn sounds good but don't sound like it smells like real sour

  36. You have to try it for yourself but it’s a must grab fasho

  37. Bet..ill grab some then ..just renewed my card and got a fresh 45

  38. I hope your not in your car again 🤣😂🤣

  39. Boundless puts out great products..had the boundless cfx forva year before I got my mightyv

  40. Best in ohio to me .. at least top 3 but has been my favorite lately

  41. What’s you’re other favorites ? Just got my med card so trying to gather different opinions on some good strains and growers

  42. Sherbhead from klutch is like ice cream cakes brother lol almost the same flower. ..catfish from klutch is my favorite sativa. Vary gassy and tasty..lemon royal from ohio clean leaf is extravagant..very beautiful dense danky nugs . Wedding cake and Mac from standard wellness are very good .... the ice cream cake from Cresco is a 10 out of 10 .. the jungle cake from Cresco is great. purple yuzu, kings mustache, and jungle mac from buckeye relief are all amazing ..

  43. I was at home lol just because I’m in a car don’t mean I’m driving lol

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