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  1. How often does that jam? I want to get me a little 22 pistol, but I was thinking about the Sigg P322

  2. I will say it again, can you imagine going to work all day to support your family and then coming home to this. feels bad man!!

  3. For dwarf shrimp as neocaridina, mosses. Take a look at "moss aquascaping" in image search. Other plants contribute to general impression from the tank.

  4. I'm watching the show now and I think Evan Peters is doing a phenomenal job playing such a fascinating yet extremely disturbed monster. I see this show getting a lot of nominations and awards.

  5. I’m on episode seven right now, and I Think it is a great show.

  6. That look at the very end is reminiscent of fire marshal bill!!

  7. How many gallons is that? I’m looking to get a guppy tank.

  8. My most recent one was approved after 433 days. So I feel your pain.

  9. I have called this guy on the eighth of every month for the past four months. Lol last time I called him he answered the phone with hello Mr.——- and I said just calling to make sure I still need to wait. Lol

  10. Do people really post this type is stuff? It just seems so far fetched

  11. I fucking hate the way she says pumpkin. Punkin… fuck out of here!!

  12. Its okay,, be patient with yourself.. Early days and all that jazz.. My soft lliner is silicone and not much sticks to silicone. Yours may be too. I watched a guy on YouTube titled dentures vs food and the techniques really helped me. What are you trying to eat because if you have to open wide to bite, well that's hard. Also if it's a hard food you need to apply a little pressure toward your teeth while you bite so the backs can't move.

  13. When he first did it it was very snug it felt good I could talk and everything. The only problem I first noticed is that with the extra rubber on the roof part of my plate it pushed it down really close to my tongue. It was fine that first day and I took a bite of a hamburger and Bam They came out. So I just ripped that rubber stuff off and although it makes my gums really sore at least I could somewhat eat with it. I will be going back in on Friday morning and asking for may be a different type of cushion. I don’t know.

  14. Thank you so much for asking, I just ended up ripping the rubber padding out and putting a ton of glue on the dentures and now I can eat with them. They rub a little bit on my gums, but at least I can eat and it doesn’t hurt too bad. I’m sure I will go back and see if they can’t fix it so it doesn’t rub but for now my sanity is back. Lol

  15. Did I get download it because I don’t know what that means? You guys are fucking crazy

  16. Could you imagine going to work all day and coming home to your daughter acting like this…. 😜😜😜

  17. As long as Izzy doesnt go for the high five at the start of the fight he might he fine.

  18. Oh yeah, breading in general is difficult, especially without adhesive bc it gets all under the plates. Cornmeal is 10x worse even with adhesive. And that sucks for me bc I love fried catfish and okra. And cornbread, OMG, I love it but I hate eating it now.

  19. So quick update, they don’t stay in my mouth at all with just the rubber stuff. If I try and eat the back part towards the roof of my mouth lifts up every time I bite. And now I don’t think that the glue sticks to the rubber, I’m pretty sure it just sticks to the inside of my mouth. I’m gonna try and glue them again before work tomorrow and see what happens.

  20. Well I tried To eat some chicken strips, it didn’t go too well. Lol

  21. I love the scientifically shown to be absorbable. Wtf

  22. For me so far it is when I get sharp pains when eating or talking.

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