Ch. 130. "Overconfidence"

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  1. Most you would need to slot out a time, I'd reach out to them and see what they can do, but there aren't many studios in the area (compared to larger cities)

  2. We've come a long way from [[Blind Seer]]

  3. maybe Liliana should take some notes. She forgot to change her subtype! Amateur mistake, if I'm being honest.

  4. I mean, she made a deal with a bunch of demons and the strongest being in the multiverse, what would you expect?

  5. You can't tell us this and not give us the link!

  6. I dunno. I'm 35, but I never really watched that movie. Looks a bit like a movie you can watch with your gf.. so that was never a thing back in the days. 2004, I was in the middle of playing Magic card tournaments and breeding Pokemon.

  7. Well, I still have those things, I give you that. But besides the children, all my friends have nowadays, I have no one to play with

  8. The results don’t make sense. So people leaving HCOL areas for lower cost of living areas raises prices in those lower cost of living areas. Tracking.

  9. Yea, this honestly doesn't make sense. HCOL areas should go down in price if this were the case, or at least stagnate.

  10. I'm glad you didn't buy it, congrats on the 9 years! The big question (why) has been answered by you, and if you ask me it was just subconscious thing.

  11. omg .... i wonder how many hippos have drowned this way.

  12. Adults? Probably not many. Young ones? Probably a larger number, due to them being attacked in water or being injured.

  13. I would save Master Rank materials until you unlock the melding for rank 10 talismans, but there are definitely sometimes you can get lucky and get a solid lower rank talisman.

  14. I might slot it in with experienced play groups, although I try to keep my cube a little beginner friendly so this would be too much

  15. I like this card, but for reasons different than the intended usecase. This card feels like an excellent paper placeholder for Alchemy’s spellbook mechanic, where it instead picks from a list of instants/sorceries that you’ve curated. It’s a colorless charm everybody could want. You’re never unhappy to have it in a deck, only that it’ll cost you 1 more mana than normal to cast it.

  16. nah if someone wants to fortell this, you just laugh at them because they exiled a card from their hand

  17. Its too bad they didn't make the final ranks of the weapons point based rather than x amount of base afflicted materials. I am swimming in the higher rank mats and there seems to be very little use for them.

  18. They are in a lot more places than just the Rio Grande.

  19. right but the acct that lazily reposted this clearly didn't care enough about that.

  20. I love that River Monsters takes the time to explore each animal they cover. The alligator gar episode is one of my favorites.

  21. My memory is foggy but I think I beat it using the ninja S&S with max defense, max guard, max guard up. But if you just want to use DB get some Chamelios or Blast DB because elemental weapons are pretty terrible

  22. Walgreens is trash, used to work for them, would never suggest anyone ever work for them, or shop with the corporation. They really, really don't care about employees, they would rather have let their employees die of covid before closing the pharmacy for an hour.

  23. I mean, I like them a lot, and I am sure I'm not the only one. That they are good cards helps too

  24. Last post a month ago, he realized time was running out and dipped

  25. But you don't have to take my word for it. Idek how we got here to fuckin acronyms that are supposed to shorten sentences becoming half the alphabet.

  26. I dunno how I was able to figure that out in less than 5 seconds when I read it in the tweet but I did.

  27. The line was in my head as soon as I saw the word.

  28. He was my favorite as a kid. My mom found my stuffed toy from when I was a kid recently.

  29. That’s been going on for a while it seems especially in fast food and retail . IMO that’s always been and should always be a managers job .

  30. It's because corps are cutting jobs in other places, shoving workloads onto managers, and then letting that spill over onto lower employees.

  31. That woman shouldn't be working at a chic fil a, let alone any other job she is in charge of people. In my experience (which is just anecdotal from friends who have worked with the company) that seems pretty outside the norm.

  32. if it was black bordered, yeah. if it was silver bordered, I don't think so.

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