My List of Things to do in Charlotte

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Man rescues crying lost lamb on a steep mountain and reunites it with its family

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Beautiful Rescue from Railroad Tracks

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  1. I'm not a local but I'm down in MZT for about 4 months of the year - I would highly recommend SKIPPING the All-inclusive. Look for a hotel in the Golden Zone. So many great food and Drink options. Pulmonias and Aurigas are readily available to get you to and from Centro (Historic Downtown -- a MUST do day and night) or Cerritos (less busy beaches). And your hotel concierge would probably have a fishing charter guy they recommend. Also worth checking out is Stone Island (shallow beach great for strolling and great food). A charter boat that circles you around some of the islands and does a drop off on Stone Island is available near the lighthouse.

  2. My husband and I are talking about traveling to Maxatlan with our 5.5 year old son...are there specific hotels you would recommend? Before our son we liked staying at smaller, local boutique type places when we traveled but now it's more about convenience without being totally bland and touristy.

  3. So much joy and it’s even better they can share it together.

  4. We got huge ones, like two feet tall or larger, to place on our steps. We went to “carolina's finest fountains & statuary” a bit of a drive but the owner is super nice and I was shocked at how affordable everything was.

  5. It’s not a high view but the knights stadium gives a cool perspective. Also the balcony at Fahrenheit.

  6. There use to be some fun Skill Pop photography classes. There were all different levels and we walked around the city to practice. That might be a good way to start photography connections?

  7. I’m moving to CLT next month from Savannah. respectfully, yall wouldnt know humidity if she slapped yall in the face.

  8. I think the humidity has gotten better over the years so you’re probably right!

  9. Bag Lady and Sanctuary Imports use to have classes and events. I’m not sure if they’ve started doing them since Covid but worth checking out.

  10. There was just a giant post “hidden gems” for restaurants around Charlotte try looking through there! There are some super delicious spots, and if you’ve never been it could be more of an adventure then a “fancy” dinner.

  11. I just donated around 50 books to the Salvation Army! They usually have 50% off on certain Wednesdays and it’s easy to pick up a bunch.

  12. The way that baby lamb ran up to him, so thankful to be rescued.

  13. This is so amazing! What a wonderful way to add happiness to the lives of seniors and the lives of the animals.

  14. I don’t. Maybe OMB? They had a big grassy outdoor area. There is a Suffolk Punch going in at Southpark Mall (in between the food court and Dicks) and they will have a play area. White Water Center has music a lot and great areas for the kiddos to play and it’s fun watching the kayaking.

  15. You can check out the farmers market on Yorkmount!

  16. I had a custom ring made after my son was born. Custom Shop was a bit out of my price range. I had Lindsay from The Antiquarian make it and it’s beautiful!! She was so patient and detailed throughout. She made several designs in CAD (or whatever it is they use) so I could compare sizing. I love my ring.

  17. Anna’s alterations on Park is amazing! They had to take my entire bodice apart and take it in, shorter my giant train dress and then bustle it in a 8 point bustle. It was insane. I’ve also heard great things about RCB fashion, I’m not sure if they do wedding gowns.

  18. The Charlotte Symphony does a lot of cool things, they’ve done a Star Wars theme. They’re playing a local dive bar/music venue. Discovery Place Science use to have laser shows to Pink Floyd or some such on the IMAX, you might call them to see if that’s still going on. Even something like going to the Mint uptown and a yummy bite to eat after.

  19. Did we just have many companies force people to take a vaccine?

  20. No company forced a vaccine everyone had a choice. You can chose to work there or quit and find a job somewhere else. Forcing a woman, or child for that matter, to have a baby is not the same thing at all.

  21. You can choose to move to a different state or not have sex. See how that don't makes sense.

  22. Ohhhh I didn’t realize rape was a choice. Got it. Thanks for explaining that.

  23. When I worked inpatient at Kings Mnt Hospital there were funds from the state that would cover the costs, or the majority of it, for individuals who meet the need criteria. That was in 2012, but you can always call and see what they have to say.

  24. Cats don’t travel far but they’re so good at hiding! Honestly I’d walk around shaking treats during the night. Do you know when your fur baby is especially active? Mine is around 4/5am. The same thing happened to me when I was traveling across country but I found her at 4:30 am! Good luck!!

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