1. Larry did it all in like 10 games or something close lol

  2. I just looked it up and Fitzgerald averaged 104.7 yards per postseason game. That is really impressive.

  3. Interesting. With 2 or 3 real solid playoff games, Diggs could enter the top 25 as early as this year.

  4. He averages 68.7 receiving yards per postseason game and actually higher with the Bills at 75.6 yards which is pretty good. You're right he probably has a good shot to crack at least the top 30 this season.

  5. I'm usually in support of his 4th down decisions when they're less than 5 yards to go and positive side of the field. Or if it's a necessary one to rally for a win / seal a win.

  6. I just don’t like not throwing deep. Herb has the best deep ball in the game. After he launched it all year his rookie season it was hard to seem them dial it back. But the success was mostly because Herb is a god not because of Lombardi. I think we did that despite his play calling.

  7. To be fair, I think Lombardi let Herbert loose and did a better job with the vertical offense later in the season.

  8. Team website says the scrimmage time will begin 5:00pm PT but nothing about streaming options. Seems unlikely.

  9. Everything I've read about him shows he's of way better morals than anyone else in the building above him, that's for sure.

  10. Seattle may have been horrid in terms of drafting, but their current roster is definitely better than some other teams' rosters. They have a lot of young talent and good veteran presence and are looking to get younger during these rebuild years. The old guard has officially left the Seahawks: Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor, Earl Thomas, KJ Wright, Bobby Wagner, Russell Wilson, and Doug Baldwin have all now left.

  11. I think the secondary is a little better than good pieces. Jamal Adams is still an above average box safety and Quandre Diggs is a Pro Bowl free safety. Plus they have a pretty excellent special teams duo with Dickson and Myers.

  12. So many tweets should just be a quick read and a “huh, cool” kind of thing, which is fine for Twitter because you’re scrolling through a bunch of tweets at a time. But then they get posted to Reddit which is more for in depth discussion, and there’s no discussion to be had with so many tweets. So you’re right, it just becomes shitty Twitter on here.

  13. Kind of have to blame online journalism for that unfortunately. Their news tweets are more succinct and useful than the word barf they write up to make you scroll on a page while bombarded with auto-streaming videos and newsletter sign up requests.

  14. The Chargers missed the playoffs by losing to a team that wasn’t trying to win

  15. Honestly the worse part was missing the playoffs to the decomposing arm and body of Ben Roethlisberger

  16. One of these years, they will have competent Special Teams…then all the other roasts will have to watch out!

  17. Well they've had the occasional All-Pro returner in the past few years (Desmond King, Andre Roberts). Yet sometimes those guys' fumbles cost them a game, so they can't win either way lol

  18. This is exactly what you’re taught not to do as a QB, an awkward throw into coverage. Just take the incompletion and live another day.

  19. It was a third down in a Week 17 SNF game that would cement their NFC North title and their #3 seed with a 1 game advantage over the Packers. He probably got a little too aggressive in the moment for his own good. Plus this was second-year Teddy, he has come a long way since.

  20. Teddy was not good in Denver. Before that, the stint in New Orleans was underwhelming at best. Don't know why. It's so frustrating bc wanna cheer for him. Reminds me of the baseball paper who's too good for TripleA but just not good enough in the big leagues.

  21. Bridgewater is less productive and isn't a franchise QB, but at the same time he has operated at a decent peak during his past two seasons as starter for the Panthers and Broncos.

  22. It should make the top 10 or 15 by the end of the season. That move was smooth and badass

  23. Definitely and they are my answer of a team I didn't want to enjoy rooting against. The franchise was establishing themselves as a legit contender over the past few years and was barely a year removed from an impressive AFC Divisional game against the Chiefs. That was huge progress compared to the low point of 1-31 between 2016 and 2017.

  24. That’s a steal with the current market

  25. Hell be 27 going into free agency then 28 by the time the next season starts

  26. He just turned 26 in July? This is a two year extension on top of his existing contract expiring after the 2022 season. So if he's extended until after the 2024 season, he'll be 28 entering free agency (and turning 29 before the 2025 season starts).

  27. Such an entertaining Halloween game back when TNF was an ugly mess lol

  28. Eli playing QB was basically a coin flip

  29. Fun Fact: Eli finished with a regular season record of 117-117-0. So you're right lol

  30. Unfortunately for the NFLPA, their legal options in federal court are very limited. The only thing that might work in their favor is if Goodell botch the appeal so badly that it violates the CBA. For example, the CBA states that the appeal is limited to the evidentiary record set by the disciplinary officer. So if Goodell uses evidence that wasn’t in those records as a basis to modify the discipline, he could be in trouble. But if Goodell simply modifies the discipline within the boundaries of the CBA, I don’t see an avenue for the NFLPA to prevail.

  31. I do wonder if Robinson's comments about assessing Watson's case as unprecedented is the wiggle room NFLPA will use to take this to court. They can argue Goodell has nothing to stand on to ban for more than the 6 games Robinson recommended, because she decided that based on literally the league's own previous precedent.

  32. It might not be so bad. A lot of the new targets are probably things you have ample opportunity for currently. This could just mean more money for you in the long run. If you hate it, it at least puts you in a stellar position for other CSM roles. A huge pain point for me is contract negotiation and writing because I never had to do it at my company and now all the CSM job description require some form of it.

  33. Hey thanks for the input! I think there is ample opportunity and more money, but the part that irks me is the monthly/quarterly push for trials when I'll always have a fixed number of customers. Not going to enjoy trying to push for trials when I would rather they occur organically through a consultative approach.

  34. I don’t, I’m sorry :(. I came from a Sales Executive role to CS. Candidly, I liked my job in sales more than the non-commercial CSM role. I’m 60% hunter 40% farmer mentality. I didn’t find my last CSM role interesting.

  35. No problem! I like to hear from different perspectives. Honestly it made me chuckle to hear how you split yourself between hunter/farmer as I never thought of it that way before. But my gut tells me I am 30% hunter 70% farmer which is why I'm looking for feedback lol

  36. There's a ton of good film study people on YouTube to learn from. The best for deep dive learning is probably

  37. I am so sorry to hear you going through this situation. Epilepsy has been disruptive to my life too and the hardest thing to give up has been driving since I live in a region where public transportation just isn't realistic for commuting to my job or my other responsibilities. Losing that independence is very very tough, I know I felt useless and it even delayed me from marrying my eventual wife because I wasn't sure if I would be a good partner while asking for a ride everywhere plus managing my symptoms / bad memory / etc.

  38. Does this mean Brady will get suspended 6 games? As is tradition.

  39. Yeah I'm curious if he'll face any consequences. Sounds like they met three times and each was when he was already under contract with another team. It takes two to have a meeting, so I think Brady knew what he was doing even if he had no intention of leaving his teams.

  40. As far as I can tell, there is nothing in the NFL tampering policy that indicates that a player should or could be punished for tampering, even in the event that the player proactively approaches a team they should not be speaking with.

  41. Yeah there have just been tweets over the past 2-3 hours quoting an NFL spokesperson that Brady will not be subject to any fines or punishment.

  42. Interesting how many people will agree with Flores statement that when the integrity of the game suffers then everyone suffers and then in the same breath say Calvin Ridley (or Josh Shaw) shouldn’t have been suspended

  43. Ridley deserved a punishment, no question about it. But a ban for an entire season was excessive. And it looks especially stupid when a guy who places a $1500 bet from their phone loses a year while another guy accused of sexual misconduct by two dozen women loses only 6 games.

  44. You guys need to read the full report. It spells out the cases that this judgement is based on. This is the section that she based the sexual assault ruling on:

  45. The full text wasn't released at the time I commented so thank you for sharing, especially highlighting the most important parts that led to her ruling.

  46. It doesn't matter whether there was straight violence or not. If a rapist beats you into submission, or you let it happen because of fear. It's all still fucking rape.

  47. I agree with you. The problem is that's not always true when it comes to legal definitions and language. I think it is very important that Robinson used the words "nonviolent sexual conduct" because there is probably some legal precedent for cases with similar circumstances.

  48. what type of stuff does he post in-season? I can see the value during training camp + pre-season, just curious what else he would offer during the year? Thanks!

  49. During the season he writes a game recap, then a mid-week game breakdown / film study. He makes some good observations and weaves that in with some insider info. Finally he does Q&As where he'll drop some more insightful info.

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