2. Who are these random guys that just wander into gyms and challenge whoever to throw down? Do they get up planning this in the morning or spontaneous idea?

  3. Frustrated, angry and perhaps mentally-ill men. But ones who are smart enough to realise that doing this on the street will land them in jail.

  4. Pretty successful. He's got a fridge-full of beers.

  5. He finally confesses to what he's done and goes to prison. He ends up just one name on a list taken out in a mass prison execution, just like Walt did in 'Gliding Over All'. Tying up loose ends.

  6. I think Kim will reveal she never filed the divorce paperwork. Since theres no real evidence and everyone is dead, Jimmy will be able to beat the case as long as Kim invokes the privilege to not testify against him as his wife. In the end, she betrays him and testifies against him sending him to prison.

  7. I learned the expression "chance would be a fine thing!" and that a "stag do" is what you all call a bachelor party

  8. Why should you rely on your MAMY to take away your weed?

  9. Saw this a while ago, the caption said he was trying to convert other prisoners to his religion

  10. He went for the half measure. When he should have gone all the way.

  11. Oh dude, this has happened to me many times. By talking I assume you mean you met on an app? Those things are toxic as shit.

  12. I had this with Ellie once. During the library section, I was sneaking around outside and along comes Ellie, walking, T-pose, wide eyes. It was scary as shit.

  13. Hopefully someone comes with a tube up their nose and you can put them in the airing cupboard

  14. Gentlemen, it's been a privilege playing with you this evening

  15. It reminds me of when Princess Diana had a broken arm, had loved ones at her bedside, and her condition was grave. All continued to pray and hope. At least that was my perception at the time. From USA, so there was that too.

  16. You two march straight to that school, look them dead in the eye and say, 'don't eat me!'

  17. Answer: in the case of your context 3; the stabber in that video uploaded the video to his shop Instagram, then did an AMA if you can believe it. He abruptly was bombarded by hundreds of negative comments. Naturally, this gained the post a lot of traction, which is probably why you saw that particular video everywhere. I've seen it on subs that aren't even meant for stuff like that.

  18. "Adult human requires money to purchase sustenance and warmth"

  19. Indeed, authentic Carbonara also has chorizo, and is traditionally served inside a burrito.

  20. Loved every scene with him in. Hopper and he were a great pairing!

  21. 100 on the vulnerability, and what makes this more impressive is that he did it in front of other people.

  22. I feel like he doesn't get the chance to shine as much as he can in Stranger Things. He was absolutely brilliant in IT, my favourite part of the whole film.

  23. You are doing it right... Keep trying until it stops hurting.

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