1. My understanding and blunt opinion is Air has a cooperative business model where the film is owned by the actors and top-level crew that made it, including people like the cinematographer and editor, and Amazon calculated it would be cheaper to do a loss-leading theatrical release than buy out everyone's backends to do a Prime Video debut. Theatrical P&A is also not entirely footed by Amazon either. I do expect it to hit Prime Video really quickly.

  2. I am assuming that if something like Creed would be PVOD within 30 days, then Air will also very likely follow in the same steps and be on PVOD within a month?

  3. the only other big august film this year is ninja turtles, so if wb plays their cards right (doubtful) they can make this a moneymaker

  4. Seriously why are Mission Impossible, Oppenheimer and Barbie competing with each other so much in July when one of them could easily be happy in the more empty August? I think Barbie could especially thrive in that month away from two films with huge budgets that will take up a lot of attention in July .

  5. HBO is not about to cancel their prestige shows. I don’t understand that take. Nobody ever asked it to be as popular as House of the Dragon or The Last of Us

  6. People also don't understand that shows like House of Dragon, Last of Us and Euphoria despite being much popular than Succession also have at least two year gaps between their seasons and there needs to be something to fill the scheduling gap when they are not on air.

  7. OHH I get it now elden ring running like shite is an homage to Dark Souls! This was part of the directors vision!!! Miyazaki san you did it again!

  8. Probably five months and they never confirm it by the studio. Just by Knight's reps. They really should hire people more experienced in science fiction, if not just hire science fiction authors like the Star Trek shows and movies used to do.

  9. I love Battlestar Galactica but its ending was controversial so I am not surprised that Disney would be scared of hiring him considering how they ditch any creative after one weak project.

  10. "IN THE 25-ODD years that HBO has been serious about producing original programming, the pay cable giant has given us some of the greatest comedies and dramas television has ever seen. Succession, in whatever genre box you choose to place it — and I think of it more as a dark comedy with pathos than a drama with jokes — has certainly earned its place in that pantheon. But as it begins its fourth and final season this weekend, it has a chance to do something that very few HBO shows have before it. By choosing to wrap things up relatively early, Jesse Armstrong has the opportunity to offer a great finale, while also getting off the stage before anyone begins to feel the show has lost a step.

  11. Unstoppable freight train of love. Kinosaki better watch out, you might get dragged along.

  12. Kinosaki is definitely on that train of love, one way or the another.

  13. I should probably start making a list of all the food that I have seen in anime/ manga that have looked delicious and I want to try in real life. Like goddamn the food always looks so good in every manga.

  14. The nostalgia is ignoring the fact that 2/4 Indy movies have been pretty shit. It's demanding a reboot from a franchise with a shitty track record that only got views in the first place from the mega-stardom of Harrison Ford.

  15. What the fuck are you talking about? Raiders of the Lost Ark is considered to be one of the greatest films of all time and was even nominated for Best Picture and Director. Indiana Jones wasn't a success just on the back of Harrison Ford. It is one of the most beloved franchises in movie history for its amazing setpieces, great pacing, quotable dialogue and enjoyable characters.

  16. It is probably one of the most consistent but is it really better than something like Indiana Jones, Mad Max or Mission Impossible? Yes they have their weaker entries but their high points (especially Raiders of the Lost Ark, Fury Road, Fallout) are insanely genre defining high.

  17. IJ had two great movies and two mediocre ones, JW as a franchise has four solid movies

  18. Two great movies is kind of underselling it. Raiders of the Lost Ark is Citizen Kane of action movies in that it is taught in film school for how tightly it is directed and edited.

  19. This might actually be a good thing. A Vancouver-based VFX house vowed never to work for Marvel again because of her demands.

  20. MCU movies need to stick to one particular thing during their production and post production and not just flip flop whenever Feige feels like it. Plan your vision well and have enough trust in it that you won't interfere with it while it is already locked for post production.

  21. Clearly got very bad at her job with ballooning budgets and worse and worse VFX quality. Maybe having Avatar 2 and Andor out as a stark contrast is what spurred Disney management.

  22. It is ironic that the Fox acquisition was thought to be good for MCU but the only thing it has done so far is provide a huge contrast between MCU and Avatar to Disney executives.

  23. Is this possibly because of the bad reception to Ant Man 3 plus lackluster reception to Disney Plus shows? Or is it pretty natural considering she has been working on MCU since Iron Man 1.

  24. Not to mention he was this close at the end of season 1 but then he lost him again...

  25. Considering this is a 2 cour season, I have a feeling that we won't see Leif and Thorfinn meet just yet.

  26. Imagine Thorfinn returns home and there's a bunch of Thorfinn's working at the village that Lief collected along the way lol.

  27. Its like that scene in Evangelion with multiple Rei but instead it is badly drawn Thorfinns.

  28. There's got to be a trope name for how a fanbase has already decided on a canon ship for two characters who haven't even formally met in a series.

  29. Spider-Verse is literally only putting out its second film, Guardians and Creed are only on their third movies, and John Wick on its fourth. Indiana Jones has only shown up for two films in the past 34 years.

  30. But like 3 movies are more than enough for all these franchises.

  31. Madoka is the solution to getting world peace in the world

  32. Weird how anime girls named Madoka tend to be like that.

  33. I just hope Yorita doesn't end up with one of these 3 morons.

  34. If Yorita gets all 3 of them in his harem, would their combined braincells be enough to be one girl?

  35. Funnily enough, this was me with Titanic. Yes it is corny and cheesy as hell, but Rose seeing the Statue of Liberty without Jack always breaks my heart in a way that very few movies can.

  36. I enjoyed Assassination Classroom quite a lot, so I might check this one out.

  37. Assassination Classroom was such a well done Shounen series. Was able to complete its story in 50 episodes, not too long but not too short and managed to give all of its main characters a good amount of development to make the inevitable ending hit hard.

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