Apple emerges as potential landing spot for Pac-12 football

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  1. I have a Google Maps with pins indicating where I’ve seen every movie I’ve watched dating back to like 2012. Very weird, I don’t know why I do it. But each time I have a chance to go to a theater I’ve never been to before I’ll do it so I can add another pin

  2. Listening on the radio and Steve Holman is MAD. Keeps calling this team a disaster

  3. “Next time you lose in the playoffs, try to get Kevin Durant on your team”

  4. For real though, he went from being someone redditors liked to say was "the worst defender of all time" to actually competent, pesky, and smart on defense this season.

  5. Unfortunately he had that awful shooting slump to start the year and that set the narrative for his whole season. If he started the year like he has the last few months he’d be a no brainer all star and dark horse all nba candidate

  6. You could see Sudekis formulating the idea for Ted Lasso in real time in the background of this sketch

  7. the good news is even if we lose, we turn into the one-game under .500 version of the Hawks which are unbeatable

  8. Fun game, Hawks were never winning this coming off a back to back but at least they made it entertaining

  9. With all the wild Napier v Mario recruiting battles over the last 12 months there is going to be A LOT of bad blood heading into that game. C'mon giant meteor!!

  10. Heat and Nets keep losing, if we just win these games we are supposed to we can make a real charge for the 6th seed

  11. I would imagine it would be the conference who has 30% of the national championships over the past 10 years

  12. Say what you want about Trae, at least we don’t have to worry about him going on IG Live from a strip club and flashing a gun

  13. This will be my first in person Hawks game of the year and if I have to watch Cam Reddish put up like 7 threes against us I swear to god…

  14. Man I hate to say it but the Knicks are rolling right now. Was hoping Nola get get the win last night.

  15. If we want to make a run at a 6 seed this one almost feels like a must win

  16. The hate on Trae from a national perspective has been wildly off base, but at the end of the day only Trae can prove them wrong. Hope this motivates him in this last stretch, seems like these next few months could be pivotal in his career trajectory

  17. Anyone know if Quin would take over mid season or wait until the offseason to take over?

  18. I'm guessing Apple is not gonna break the bank to pay for this new version of the Pac.....if this is the best they got that's trouble

  19. Does this help the Mavs at all? Please let me know.

  20. I never saw the Hawks sub more angry than when Nate would put him in the game. That should tell you all you need to know

  21. Hawks, Hornets, Cavs, Mavs, Pistons, Pacers, Clippers, Grizzlies, Heat, Bucks, Wolves, Pelicans, Thunder, Magic, Suns, and Spurs fans rejoice

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