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  1. I think we are hands-down the better team, but we’re tired and nowhere near our best right now. Form is not in our favour and Madrid have more rest.

  2. LOTR should be undisputed as the grandfather of the genre, but there are other works I enjoy more. Malazan Book of the Fallen feels a lot more alive and just as epic, but on a broad, universal scale whereas LOTR runs much, much deeper in its lore.

  3. But did you all see the Eragon movie? Masterpi—spews vomit everywhere

  4. Because we were so close. If city cruised to a 3-0 win it wouldn't have hurt so much, but it was the hope when Villa went 2-0 up

  5. This. When they were 2 down it seemed like the impossible was going to happen. Only to have it taken away.

  6. My biggest frustration with this thinking is the perception that giving up the post-slip goal cost us the title. I completely disagree. We lost the game because we didn’t score.

  7. I loved every book in the Culture series except Feersim Endjinn. Story was great but the writing (in the weird parts; if you’ve read it, you know what I mean) was just too painful.

  8. Technically Feersum Endjinn isn't part of the Culture series - it's actually set on a future earth, and doesn't really square with the Culture setting.

  9. Hmm. Didn’t know that. I have the version that has the same cover style so thought it was.

  10. This is exactly what I’ve been asking for. Whenever I said we should put more effort into the cups in this sub, I get lambasted because “the PL and CL are more important”.

  11. Talking about everything like they are facts rather than opinions.

  12. I’ve always treated it as lasting ~10 min depending on situation. Doesn’t make sense to be inspired, go to sleep, wake up and still feel the same effect.

  13. And yet their stock price is way down due to a poor outlook because of supply chain and no plan to launch new hardware.

  14. The REAL magic here is how anyone got a pre-schooler to focus on something for 10 minutes.

  15. Our players just have to play better. Salah’s been awfully quiet since AFCON.

  16. Hammers Away: even in the best of conditions City has shown they can drop points in those games. 0-0 or 1-1: “One draw is all it takes…🎵”

  17. I can’t throw really well, but the Shryke is my best disc hands-down. It fits my grip and form perfectly. I throw it better than my Leopard3.

  18. They’re loud as @&$! when they fight with each other. That said, my wife would be pissed if I got rid of them…

  19. If you are throwing your astronaut 300' you could probably throw a 7 speed 300 feet. Maybe a river or passion? Avenger SS?

  20. I also am not a fast thrower but have found the Shryke to be my best disc for distance. I also have 3 different ones: my go to is a champion 159g that bombs but turns over in a headwind, a champion 171g that holds true in a headwind and a star 164g that feels better than the other two for backhand (I throw the others forehand)

  21. This little one’s not worth the effort. Come let me get you something…

  22. Wolves and westham are away games. Let's hope a bit of deflection with a hint of luck goes our way....

  23. Wolves have been a bogey team for City in past seasons. Thoughts on them vs. Hammers as the bigger threat?

  24. Could have done without watching wolves get thrashed at home by Brighton today TBH

  25. That’s totally fair. Hopefully it lights a fire under their butt, they go on a tear and then are spent by the time they play us.

  26. I’m 43. Started DMing last year and just finished my homebrew world. Never too old.

  27. You made a homebrew world just one year after starting DMing?!

  28. To be fair, I wanted to write a fantasy novel and have been keeping notes on ideas for 20 years. Just changed the format.

  29. The best cup is at Fix on rose downtown. The owners are Brazilian and grow their own beans on a farm back home in brazil. It’s a medium roast that has more earthy flavour than anything else I’ve had in the city. The spot is nice, if a bit small.

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