1. I’ll be honest, that statistic does not represent us. I am 19F and Gen z. The stats will tell you that as a Gen Z, and as a woman I would not be pro-life, yet I am. And so are many others. You can see it at the March for life. You can see it at in pro-life platforms. There’s a lot of young people (Gen z) that are pro-life. So no, I don’t think we are fucked.

  2. Look, doing creampies ain’t something you should do with a casual hook up tbh. Like bffr, babies are a product of creampies. If you gonna buy in someone, at least know what to do if you get her pregnant. And again, casual hook up, she might have something. Also no, there’s not really much you can do to make it feel better? If she is into creampies she’ll love it, if she ain’t than it’ll be whatever. It’s more of a mental thing.

  3. I am 19F because of my age, my doctors have disregarded me for a year of discomfort and pain. I ended up getting an endoscopy done and they took biopsy samples. Omeprazole hasn’t helped it go away but it’s pointing to H pilory. I will get the results on the 20th to see what’s wrong with me. Hopefully nothing serious.

  4. I would say I am Conservative/Republican but truthfully, if a democrat candidate has the stuff I like as their main point than I would vote blue so what really matters to me is that their interests have my interests in mind.

  5. Give something in place of the pen. Like I give you a pen and you can give your phone, a bracelet, etc. kind of how pawn shops be doing to make sure you pay up at the end.

  6. I’m confused, how is this about abortion?? Like I see many feminist talking points but not really any abortion ones?? Like huh?

  7. This is more of a legal documentation thing. When a baby is born they don’t have health insurance and they can’t pay for their own insurance. The parents need to put the child under their insurance. For that the company will require a birth certificate as well, it’s the only piece of documentation and identification they have. As for life insurance. Many life insurance companies will reject parents trying t open life insurance for their kids cause you know, insurance fraud (a nicer way of saying “there are parents that will unalive their children for money”) so the likelihood of a life insurance company saying yes to an unborn baby is very low simply because they can deny it. Just how they do with 1 year old, 3 year old, etc. And with health insurance, well again, it’s more of a documentation issue. We would implement something like “date of conception” but that’s dumb because most women don’t know when they exactly convinced. Those are the main reasons they wouldn’t be insured.

  8. Congrats, you have a pell grant, whether it covers a whole semester is up to your schools pricing but you have a grant.

  9. Don’t act like the dude in porn. No rough doesn’t equal good. Foreplay, massage and touch the body, don’t immediately try to put it in. Like literally take your time.

  10. Yes it will, is she dumb? No offense but if she puts it on the side and sucks, it will be in her mouth, wanna guess what is also in her mouth? The head of your penis. It might just just or you might just end in the hospital.

  11. She isn’t climaxing and I don’t mean this to be rude in any way. Sometimes one knows their own bodies and what to do to make themselves cum. The routine you have is okay for her, she accepted it. And no I don’t think this is good because it seems to be headed to DB. So I recommend, use the toy before sex. Make sure she climaxes first and then fuck her.

  12. Friendly Reminder that it's that time of the year again where due to high volumes the site keeps crashing. Just wait a bit and keep trying every day. It will get solved soon.

  13. This happens like every year. I've been trying for the last 3 days and honestly, it will get figured out. You just need to wait. I came here to say this (10/05/22) because right now it's also not working and many are probably paranoid and looking for answers.

  14. I mean, I don’t necessarily see anything wrong with this? A bit quirky and maybe a bit weird? Yes but like it seems like the wife is just being supportive of a decision that won’t lead to his children being killed by abortion.

  15. I understand the “let me do this loophole” but bro, just don’t. Like printing out the page of quizlet? That’s just abusing the open book exam? What will happen if they see that in your “notes” is that a- you’ll likely get away by some technicality or get academic dishonesty. But what is for sure to happen is that because of you, there would be no more open exams. Which would suck.

  16. Some people are gonna be confused when they read it and I’m here for it lmao

  17. Weren't we talking about Spotify? Simply put - it reminds me of Napster in how much it justifies the idea of people not paying anything for music. And I loved Napster when it came around.

  18. We were talking about the question on this post and I suggested that music might be more abundant.

  19. Every time I go to the mall, the womens bathroom has a huge line and I always see non-handicap folk use the big stall and I’ve seen a couple people here on Reddit say that you shouldn’t and always leave it available in case a handicap person comes in and needs to use it because that was a designated spot constructed for the handicap.

  20. No, I mean, typically people do feel more inclined to date inside their race/ethnicity because they share a lot of similarities and over all make decisions such as “what holidays do we celebrate” “this and that and this?” A whole lot easier because you and your partner agree your children belong to one particular group so it’s easier to pass down your traditions without conflict and overall you get to relate to your children more in that racial/ethnic way.

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