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  1. You are going to feel garbage for a few days and then you’re going to feel fine and there will be no lasting issues.

  2. hi, someone on a medical forum, who is supposedly a doctor challenged your statement saying that I need to contact poison control or visit the doctors. Could there be other harmful chemicals in the fiberglass resin that I did no list that is causing this difference in advice?

  3. Where do you live? You may want to call or otherwise contact your country’s poison control, they’re the experts. They may have a 24/7 hotline to aid you with these types of questions and they can let you know if you need to go to the ED.

  4. told me to get a check up with my doctor which i scheduled. It is in a week though.

  5. I’m no expert on poisonings, but if the poison control center says it can wait, it’s okay. Otherwise they would have advised you to go to the emergency department. Take care!

  6. Is a 60926 filter and 6200 facepiece adequate protection from Formaldehyde and Methylamine? I use fiberglass resin as finish so i need to be protected. Thanks in advance.

  7. The 60921 & 60926 are generally what we recommend since they are affordable, widely-available, and provide the correct protection - the 60926 provides focused protection against Formaldehyde & Methylamine.

  8. How do I read this NOSH filter chart?

  9. no i mean like why not do push ups

  10. thanks, i'll touch it up when i have the time.

  11. Used the nvidia synth cause it sounds like a time portal being activated as he is narrating Vik Vaughn in this song.

  12. I tried make it feel this feel like that film effect where the host/narrator seems invisible to the set when they talk. Obviously DOOM is the narrator and I added voices in the back to make it sound like he is performing and cruising through a crowded street. Used the NVIDIA synth cause it sounds like a time portal being activated as he is narrating Vik Vaughn in this song. I had another interpretation of this piece after the review before the upload. It does kinda seems like the ghost of DOOM is performing and all the living people are oblivious to this. Might do a music video with those interpretations in mind. Feedback is greatly appreciated.

  13. damn a long timer. 2016 or 17 for me.

  14. Nice to see a remix with the correct tempo. Turn the beat up.

  15. hows the transition to the 2nd beat? tried to clean it up but I couldn't get it better than the final product.

  16. How long have you been a silver stacker?

  17. wouldn't partaking in this plan force you to do things we are actively against?

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