1. Got 2 of them! Now I could leave one in my work truck and one in my personal vehicle. Thanks!!

  2. When that happened to me, since I purchased the phone through T-Mobile i just called 611 and told them what happened. They sent me to a store to check for visual damage and then processed a replacement for free. A year later, the front screen went off out of nowhere. I once again did the exact same thing and they sent me a Fold 4 as a replacement.

  3. Do you have some sort of protection plan with T-mobile??

  4. Bahahahaha... Yeah, and Biden is an awesome president. "NEW POLL"

  5. Hey Katty, how did your date with the Incredible Hulk go??

  6. Why'd he get jumped?? For being a clown ass nigga?!?!

  7. Tecmo Bowl III Final Edition but mainly Secret of Mana remake

  8. Just ordered a mint 1000 from Japan. Super stoked to get it. Though I love my 2000, I can't wait to see if the OLED will be my new favorite.

  9. I'm all in giving this guy a shot, but why tf did they get rid of Waller?!?!

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