1. Yes, they're like little delicious artworks

  2. Don’t think I’ve tried them, but absolutely love the artwork! Wonder how long it takes to do

  3. Thank you! They were so much fun to paint. They're a little small and higher price range but worth trying at least once. They were really good.

  4. Yeah YooHoo was my boo thang

  5. All that Calcium and Vitamin D from the yoohoo 😆

  6. Love the paintings such vibrant colors!! And your website layout, it's really nicely laid out - did you design the site yourself? I'm trying to figure out a website my self but am overwhelmed with the choices.

  7. Thank you so much!! I did using Squarespace. I waited a long time to finally invest in a website and I know a lot of people use free/cheaper sites like Weebly or WordPress.

  8. Yeah everything sucks lol they aren’t too bad just don’t taste good anymore

  9. Bummer! Its like juicy fruit. Good for 10 seconds 🤣🤣

  10. I remember begging my mom to get me this! What even was this? It wasn’t orange juice but it was juice that was orange flavored? So many questions…

  11. HA right? I had the same thoughts, juice? drink? It was super sugary, if there was any juice in it, it was a low % for sure

  12. Thank you! That's definitely thr vibe I was going for.

  13. This is so fun!!!! As soon as I saw it I started smiling :)

  14. 😭😭 Aw thank you so much, that truly makes my soul happy 🥰🥰

  15. Right?!?! One of those things you totally forget about but is so memorable

  16. 🤩Omg the most delicious fruit bursting flavor……. For about 6 seconds

  17. Right?! I titled this "Fruity for a Second" so delicious but so short lived

  18. It was the best but also the worst because the flavor was so short-lived 😫

  19. Hahahahaha but thats 3x longer flavor 🤣

  20. As a kid I used to think you could only get these from the candy claw machines and then I discovered tou can buy a whole sleeve 😆

  21. Those seem to be so popular. I only remeber the dr pepper and I dont like Dr pepper so 🤷‍♀️🤣

  22. Such intense flavor for 10seconds

  23. Love your style. I was really happy when I saw that you have a store. Too bad that the formats are so small.

  24. Hey there. Thanks so much! These are small but I can send you a message with other options!

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