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  1. I mainly watch so I know who’s on BIP when they get there.

  2. THIS. People are stupid. I have the mutation and took only methyl folate while pregnant. I actually could not even get pregnant or not miscarry until I started taking it.

  3. How did you find out you have the mutation? Is this something typically screened for?

  4. I personally found out I had it when I did 23 and Me several years back. I don’t think 23 and Me specifically reported on it (though that may have since changed) but you can run your results through a few free or nearly free programs that interpret for gene mutations. MTHFR mutation is actually pretty common, though more likely to be a heterozygous mutation (less impactful) than homozygous mutation (more impactful)

  5. I love Aria's hair on the show! But Lucy had pretty easy hair to work with.

  6. I’d love if someone made a post with pictures of these wig scenes. I remember one of Troians I think. But I guess I missed a lot!

  7. Where did you get it?!? Do they have any other characters? I love it!

  8. hot topic! and they had a black kuromi one but i am not a fan of darker colors on me

  9. I think what other people mentioned are probably right for these items, but just commenting to add that whitening toothpaste can do this so if you use that and then wipe your face on a towel, it could happen there as well.

  10. So true! I have heard that for filming purposes it’s hard to film 2 people with a big height difference so maybe that’s why they did it for the show.

  11. I meant that her character did. I don’t know if the actor did.

  12. some DB did that to me in 10th grade and I got revenge. It's just an awful thing to do and not my finest moment or typical of me to seek revenge but I was THAT mad lol..Nayte with a y - that's a DB move.

  13. I'm sort of embarrassed but I'll live my truth lol...two good friends (who ran track) egged his house while I drove the getaway car (I played sports but not as fast a runner and they had a neighborhood watch lol)...he was an only child and it was only him and his mom and I took pleasure in knowing he would have to clean it. But the ULTIMATE revenge that was unplanned was seeing him in a bar several years later (probably 10) and he was with another guy we knew and I pretended not to remember him..and he was like? really? we met at the movies...we dated for awhile? you don't remember me? (he lived a few towns over). it was the best especially as he tried to get me to go out with him again..hahaha..I had to seriously bite my tongue to not say - oh did you break up with me over the phone? while at your friends' house? lol..but it was better to make him think he wasn't even remembered lol...

  14. Hahaha I hope I never run into some people from my past but I have previously thought I would pretend I have amnesia if I did. Love that you actually did it haha thanks for sharing :)

  15. Yup. It makes me feel the opposite emotions of what it’s trying to make me feel. So fakey fake. I mean uhhh…so genuine and real!

  16. I wasn’t looking closely enough to see her hand and for a moment, I thought he had a rat tail.

  17. Anyone know where it can be watched? There were a couple episodes on YouTube but they seem to have been taken down.

  18. If you have a VPN and set it to Mexico you can watch some episodes on Azteca 7 but there’s no subtitles

  19. Maybe I’m just dumb but the fall looks real to me while everything else looks fake? Maybe the fall wasn’t staged and some other fake thing was supposed to happen?

  20. Off topic: in Cheyenne’s new show Maggie the pilot has her in a conversation with Maggie about going on a date with a guy named Glenn with two n’s and she wants Maggie to come so she can find out if he’s a serial killer. And Jarusha is in the show too!

  21. Lol yeah I think so! Also I always thought he was the same guy that played Neil on the Santa clause. Just looked it up and nope, totally wrong! I am so bad at faces.

  22. I was already laughing and then you pointed that out and I lost it. 😂😂😂

  23. Maybe aria and Katy Keene are actually twins and they switched spots which somehow makes Aria A after all! Bam! It makes so much sense, how did we not see it before? 🤯 Marlene had a master plan all along that involved other shows!

  24. Aww the little one holding the heart!! ❤️🥺so cute!

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