1. What program did you apply to and what was your alternate offer?

  2. I applied to Management and International Business but got an alternate offer for BBA with co-op

  3. What was your alternate? I'm applying for management and international business but not sure what alternate category would be somewhat related

  4. I personally found it interesting! It focuses on how creativity is a skill that can be practiced and how important it is in life/work. The course is really light plus it’s easy to get in the A to B+ range as long as you do the work.

  5. Can’t speak for doing a double major with Laurier but if your average is high, apply to the UW CS + Laurier BBA program. Have you also considered applying to Ivey and Western Comp sci?

  6. If I were in your position I would choose being a bank teller at a Big 5 bank simply because of the opportunities it opens up. As a business student, I’ve seen firsthand a handful of people land internships/co-ops in Toronto after working as a bank teller. As long as you stay on top of things and manage your time properly, I don’t think you should have a problem with your requirements.

  7. Hi! Since Queen’s only cares if you meet the cutoff, I recommend only retaking Advanced Functions if you don’t get the 80. If you do well on your exam (& hopefully you do!) and you’ll be able to get an 87 average, there’s no need to retake it.

  8. It’s pretty easy - you just need an 80% average in your top 6 as well as an 80% in each of your prerequisites

  9. one of my profs already posted final marks but all marks will be available on january 12

  10. A good amount of Queen’s health sci students become doctors. Last year a couple of 3rd years got into med school. It’s competitive but worth it if you get in.

  11. I believe for most universities you can transfer after first year to co-op but it is competitive and you would have to get high grades to transfer. For example, you would need at least low 90s to transfer into cs w co-op at UW.

  12. Try posting this on Western’s subreddit!

  13. I’m not sure if your circumstance will qualify but still apply for academic consideration. If you do, you’ll get to write the exam at a different time. If you don’t turn up, you won’t fail the course automatically unless your professor stated that a fail on the exam is a fail in the course.

  14. Yes, there’s 3 essay options and you’re required to choose 2.

  15. i was #20 and #32 on two waitlists during enrolment in july & got in to both a week after

  16. Website rankings use a lot of different factors to rank universities. For example, they might use faculty calibre, resources, student support, awards, etc. However, on reddit, people rank universities based on employment and reputation only. Hope this makes sense :)

  17. Yes, definitely! I totally forgot about that!

  18. Those people with 93-94 must have gotten into the less competitive engineering programs. Waterloo still cares about grades a lot especially for the very competitive programs, you would have no chance with a 93-94 without a good adjustment average.

  19. On the website you linked, it says that the averages don’t include adjustment factors. That’s why they have a chance

  20. I recommend choosing queens health sci. The flipped classroom model may be a little different for you at the beginning but I’m sure you’ll be able to adjust to it soon enough. Also, queens health sci is designed in a way for students to have more time to study for the mcat and complete other activities required for medical school admissions. Gpas can’t change but mcat scores can so I suggest going with the program that will give you a higher gpa.

  21. I heard that most people in health sci have a perfect gpa so i’d go with that

  22. It’s really competitive and close to impossible but they do accept transfers.

  23. I honestly can’t tell you which one is easier to get a higher gpa in but in terms of a safety program, business will help you get a good job if law school doesn’t work out. There are very limited opportunities in social science without grad school compared to business. However, I have heard that tmu weeds out people in first year.

  24. I recommend applying next year and taking time with your applications. If you got into DeGroote this year, so you’ll definitely get in next year as well. It’s reputation isn’t the best compared to the business schools you’ve mentioned so try doing some research on what career path you’re trying to follow. It’ll help you choose what school to go to. All in all, this is a big decision and I would suggest taking time to figure it out rather than invest 4 years into DeGroote if you’re not sure that’s where you want to go. Worst case is you lost a year and got to understand more info about business schools and the different paths you can take. Best case is you apply to better schools and get an offer(s) which at that time you’ll have a better idea of what is best for you. Either way, best of luck!

  25. If you search up queen’s arts and science online, you’ll be able to find a list of electives that are online. You can also see the format and the breakdown of the class. It should say whether the class is asynchronous or synchronous. As far as I know, there isn’t a maximum to how many online courses you can take.

  26. Okay, elaboration: Ivey is a prestigious and well-recognized business school among employers that opens many doors for its graduates that a lot of other business schools don’t open, especially not SCIBUS. It has a high employment rate and median salary for graduates. It’s expensive but it’s worth the investment. On the other hand, transferring from SCIBUS to a better business program like AFM will be extremely hard. SCIBUS isn’t a good program and does not have nearly as much career prospects as Ivey.

  27. If you want to pursue business, a minor won’t do much since employers don’t really value minors. However, if you want to pursue science, I’m not aware of how good UW’s life sci program is.

  28. I don’t believe students choose competitive health/life sci programs because the uni has a med school. It’s more of a coincidence. The competitive programs usually have one or more of the following: inflated grades, research opportunities, more free time to do clinical hours, extracurriculars or study for the mcat.

  29. About 40% get into the co-op program. Last year the cut off to get an interview was 9.1 but it changes from year to year. Just as a psa, a high gpa doesn’t guarantee anything. Some people with high gpas don’t get into co-op because interviews are subjective. If you get co-op though, the placements are pretty good.

  30. You have to be studying at York to transfer to Schulich

  31. Do you know what you want to do (ie., grad school, banking)? Because social science and business are completely different.

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