1. This would be forwarded to corporate and I would let them handle this. This doesn't sound like a place is want to work for, no matter how much they paid me.

  2. I would love to see the effect this message had on employee retention

  3. It already mad national news. She was fired

  4. They need to be planned or cake at a birthday party. A treat is just that something special.

  5. Back during the shut down it took getting Horsford and Cortez-mastro’s office to intervene.

  6. At 32.56% you’ve almost lost 1/3 of your original weight!

  7. I hope you’re proud of yourself! You’ve earned that pride

  8. Very. I need the pictures because I don’t feel or see it a lot. My brain so behind still

  9. Aww, this is my daughter's shoe design! 🥰 Thank you for all the comments- she burst into happy tears after reading this thread!

  10. I think some of us are following her on fb now. I know I am and only because someone here said how to find her.

  11. My giftee is friends with the sister in law of the lady who adopted my granddaughter

  12. I didn’t know about NUWU, just looked it up, thanks!!

  13. Nuwu has the only consumption lounge at this time

  14. Mine would be paid off. Husband would owe about 1200. I think he had a pellgrant and if he did he’d also be zero

  15. For those who might be interested it is a vegan menu

  16. Do you live near Vegas? I’m a little north and we have someone with 1-6 username color for all 3 teams

  17. The Zach another childrens hospital of New Orleans patient design

  18. Has anyone mentioned Familial hypercholesterolemia?

  19. Please call both 211 and adult Protective services

  20. What country are you in? Call up 211 and go to a womens homeless shelter. They take moms for priority!

  21. Any chance you were adopted and not told

  22. If your electricity bill is almost $300 you really need to examine that more closely. A single person in a studio living in a rural area should not even be paying $100 for electricity lmao

  23. Depends on location. I live in a studio in the desert. Summer bills average 125.

  24. Also if you’re that poor you can get Medicaid lol

  25. It took me way too long to realize you meant night shift and not a really fun cemetery.

  26. I’ve lost weight but on purpose through diet changes. I’ve been losing it since July 21 and down 15kg so by no means sudden. Not lost anything significant recently. I am female and on progesterone only pill not yet entered menopause.

  27. I’ve lost 90 lbs and we’ve had to lower my dose. I did it with a lot of hard work.

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