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  1. Don’t you get the feeling that most republicans have a hidden life of porn or some depravity?

  2. The devils minions do love to screw each other over, lol Must do a spray tan every other day w/out showering

  3. Laura was licking MTG and it was so cool!

  4. Can’t fix stupid and proud and stupid is even stupider

  5. All things trump are either evil or become corrupted

  6. The orangeboy who cries wolf non stop

  7. The adulterer who is racist- such a deep and complex moron

  8. The oversight of Congress is so poor a nitwit w a GED, took the GED several times before passing, scammed $41 million dollars

  9. But consider if this were anyone else. They’ve been (by their claim) falsely accused of a crime. The police show up and say “we just wanna run some tests, it’s find, cooperate, done worry about it!” Would you suggest that they comply in good faith?

  10. Your point is well taken, but an innocent person who knows it’s not his semen would give DNA to clear their name

  11. Would they? I wouldn’t want to comply with the police on stuff like this. I don’t trust the cops for shit not to screw up and drag my name through the mud. If they don’t have a warrant, I’m not cooperating. They aren’t my friends.

  12. trump boasted that her allegations were lies and slandered her, if anyone should shut up or put up its trump.

  13. Dictator’s love those that love to bow to power and have their rights taken away

  14. Nothing sounds more like a Dictator than termination of the Constitution speak

  15. Power is more important than morals

  16. I think he just admitted to vote tampering - a felony

  17. Maybe unlike you I actually follow supreme court decisions that aren't just about abortion or guns.

  18. A lot of people to follow the Supreme Court’s decisions - typically conservatives are more willing to sellout.

  19. I didn’t say you didn’t know, I was commenting on the historical behavior of conservatives and the Supreme Court.

  20. The Federal Government should be protecting voters from these self appointed “police forces “. They are clearly zealots and Qanon folks who have checked out from reality

  21. Lol! States South of the Mason Dixie Line are proud to try to destroy the US to own human beings, lose the Civil War, be welfare states, be the states destroyed by opiates and meth, not educate their kids, love guns more than their kids, die early and be treated like expendables….sad how stupid people don’t know how stupid they are

  22. Any one but trump did it! trump’s been caught absolutely, but MAGAs can’t grasp that all trump does is lie, cheat, steal and sexually assault…he’ll, is a republican, those are the R platform

  23. It doesn’t taste like Cheeto’s…

  24. The trump business guide was used

  25. I’m betting trump doesn’t even know when he craps his pants

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