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  1. 🥹❤️💞even while she was backing up she looked at mom for reassurance

  2. it seems like when Millie has a focus other than Louise they do get along/ work together well

  3. Funny that Rudy became Louise’s BFF and not Jessica. I really like when the writers place both girls together, they have great chemistry.

  4. I’m so glad you said this. ITS BEAUTIFUL 😭❤️🫶🏽

  5. is this an Ad, bc you have me thinking about buying

  6. A funny and a bit of silly and friendly way of describing someone or something fat. Be wary though, some people get offended by this word thinking you called them fat

  7. ooh thanks for the heads up, I wanted to make this my new cat’s name. Hopefully she will know it’s a term of endearment 😻🥰

  8. ‘Vampire Disco Death Dance’ because it’s an episode made for people who have a really hard time making friends. Bob and Tina’s scene outside the movie is really touching and sweet. It makes me a little teary.

  9. When it’s the illustrations of Diane’s negative self talk. 🫠😮‍💨

  10. What is your lifestyle? Are you (or a family member/roommate) at home more often than not (ie WFH)?

  11. partial wfh situation, so like 3/7 days it’s 9-6 right now

  12. hm valid, I think I just really want a cuddly buddy

  13. lol so I tried to tell him that yesterday and uhm long story short he may have threatened to 🔫 himself and the 12 may have shown up to our house 🫠🙃

  14. This is the first time I heard or thought they were at all Asian. I'm pretty sure it's just part of the gen x slacker aesthetic.

  15. personal headcanon: vincent is latino and amanda didn't marry him until after she had summer and wind

  16. this would explain why their names are more conventional

  17. I want to be able to do the makeup or wardrobe for the get famous people

  18. I remember that. I remember rooting for Bob's Burgers and hoping they'd get more fans. LOOK AT US NOW

  19. I took it as the Saudi version of “Southern hospitality.” In the US it would be similar to “bless your heart” which is coded and not actually kind. More sarcastic.

  20. it’s common to speak kindly like that in tense situations as a reminder to be good

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