1. It's a SAW but for us plebes

  2. IT is the ultimate lateral move. You get to show bad software your war face. Lack of sleep, alcoholism, bad diet. But the pay is better.

  3. Ashton is great. I'm on a nub and undercrown kick lately though.

  4. Sr springs lowered 1.5 inch Rear spacer and sr shocks Front sway bar upgrade soon Cobra rep wheels 2.1L kenne bell supercharger. Gonna need a clutch and flywheel too

  5. is that the stock air i see hooked up to the kb? what boost? 9psi?

  6. It is, kenne bell wouldn’t sell me the kit with their “cool air kit” but what I did was I used the stock air upper part and the lower half from the other side of the MAF Is the sr intake piping that goes into the fender. 9 psi

  7. ok then your numbers make sense. better intake flow should give you a nice bump.

  8. yeah the storms were really odd. the early morning wave was going west to east and then the "second wave" came north/south but is now sliding more southeast/east.

  9. the one I can find AND afford

  10. I like it. But it's it just me but projector beams make the stang look stoned.

  11. That's a ticket getter Very nice

  12. Uhhhhh how did the clutch “need to be bled?” when New Edges have cable clutches.

  13. Threaten to "cut a bitch" until it stops squeeling

  14. Dundalk sounds like the throwing Throw out bearing, I had the squeeling issue for ages. Also check your cable and quadrant. Check this thread out

  15. I approve of this. It brings me joy

  16. You need to convert your starches into edible sugars for the yeast to convert to alcohol. Boiling kills the enzymes which do this.

  17. I always hear them talk about sour mash and I assumed it was a stronger mash bc they talk about running the sweet mash and then pouring the liquor back in and then letting it re ferment to a sour mash. Or at least that’s how I pieced it together. So would a sour mash just be an unsanitized mash that most would consider bad? Like a lambic beer?

  18. Yeah, to a degree. Corn and raw barley contain, if I recall correctly, lactobacillius -- can't recall the exact name -- this creates a sour flavor exactly like a lambic. Someone more knowledgeable than me can pipe up but I think there are variables in the corn mash (not just ph?) which hampers the bacteria from totally taking over. I have still seen documentaries show mashed total ruined. I think it's a bit risky. I want my precious yeasties to have a great big party on my mash with no party crashers.

  19. I like the army. Someone has to try to hold the land marines clear. Can't rely on the airforce or navy.

  20. It's true but this is just in reference to the fact they're always trying to debate in their own subreddit "why Marines are so much better"

  21. Well to be fair, it's the crayons, alcoholism and high interest car payments that sets us apart.

  22. Small portable ac unit, and a outdoor ceiling fan under the deck canopy. Works until the thunderstorms show up. Then I relocate to the garage.

  23. I have this sitting on my desk waiting for my lawn chores to get done. Talk about timing!

  24. Indeed it is great timing! I hope you enjoy it!

  25. I found your thoughts spot on. I had big issues keeping it lit, and the draw was not great at first. Mine remained spicy through the first half. Big thunderstorms forced my to bail out a little more than half way, sadly.

  26. Well it really is going to depend on how well it's been maintained. I've got a 00 with almost 125k. 3k oil changes but it's been driven pretty sporty. No oil leaks, runs like a top. Changed clutch at 85k, still grabs very well. Finally just replaced idle pulley that was noisy, and alternator that was getting weak.

  27. Good eye. Best deal in planar tweeters when you can find them.

  28. I got a pair waiting for a project

  29. I have 3 pairs of the mids and tweeters. Love the tweeters, crossed over at 2500hz. I haven’t figured out a way to use the mids that I really like, they are very narrow once they get up to the xover point, don’t really match up to the tweeters. The dma105 I’m using covers the mids nicely and doesn’t have any of the directivity issues and has a smoother response overall.

  30. Thanks for the tip. I really need to get busy

  31. tomorrow is Canada day so they were drunk already and screwed up

  32. I swear if English class in school was half as entertaining and insightful as this sub. I would not have gotten Cs and Ds.

  33. i felt i had seen these style queues somewhere else in the ford pipeline. A few googles later.. the 1997 mercury cougar, but it's not a smooth but i think someone over in their design group thought this looked good enough.


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