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  1. After being wiped for days and days on end, I've given up trying to be friendly. Seeing less and less mics in game and less people trying to do missions and instead treating it like PVP. I think a lot of people are just upset that the mode has shifted more to PVP and less PVE, and are trying to cope with that change. I know I sure am lol.

  2. same here. i'm not really into killing other players. i don't care about their money or other stuff. also not getting more xp than killing a bot. but every time i try to be friendly, i simply get killed. in over 50 games i got it just once that people stayed friendly and extracted with me together. all the other times i was shot. since then, the rule is simple: shoot on sight unless otherwise communicated. if people don't react to my chats, i shoot.

  3. How? By killing all the bots on the map?

  4. Gibts nicht ne Videocamera, die aussieht wie ein Türspion?

  5. In meinem Haus gibts generell keine Türspione, da wäre es ziemlich auffällig, wenn an meiner Tür eins erscheint ^^

  6. Hey OP, gibt es eine Update? Dein Post ist schon etwas älter, aber meine Mutter hatte genau das gleiche Problem. Die Nachbarin unter ihr stand jede Nacht bei ihr vor der Tür, meine Mutter hat irgendwann nachts die Klingel abgeschaltet. Die Nachbarin war dement und kam dann glücklicherweise in ein Heim.

  7. Hey hey, den Post kann ich nicht editieren, daher hier das Update:

  8. Die Wand im Couch-Farbton ("Schöner Wohnen - Luna" dürfte ziemlich gut passen) streichen. Paar farbige Bilder rauf, etwas mit grün sollte ganz gut aussehen. Alternativ zu den Bildern die s.g. Hexagon-Panels von Amazon, die gibts auch in verschiedenen Farben. Einen Teppich mit einem Farbmix schwarz-grau-irgendwas auf die Fliesen bringt auch gut genug Gemütlichkeit. Wenn das "irgendwas" auf dem Teppich der Farbe der Bilder bzw der Panels entspricht, wäre es am besten :)

  9. I watched a video recently where two car journalists drove 900 miles to the top of the uk in comfort mode and the 900 miles back in dynamic mode. It was an s3 sportback.

  10. It absolutely depends if you are going with ACC or not. Try it out. Go without ACC 40mph, control the speed with gas pedal, you'll see your RPM at about 2.5-3k all the time. Now turn on ACC - and your RPM instantly goes down to 1.5k. I'm talking about gear in S mode obviously. I guess there will be no difference in fuel consumption in D mode, tho.

  11. Yes, there is a difference. Dynamic hold the RPM’s higher between shift changes. If your cruising down the freeway you might notice your car is in 6th instead of 7th. (Depending on speed of course) It does this to keep the turbo spooled up. If you step on it the throttle will be more responsive. In comfort it shifts like normal and in efficiency it actually will up shift a little sooner than normal.

  12. I think in "efficiency" it also tooks the gear off into N. At least you can notice that, because it doesn't show up the gear you are driving. For instance, accelerate to 40-50mp/h and then let your feet off the pedal. In other driving modes you will see it downshifting (e.g. D5, D4, D3, D2) as the speed goes down. In efficiency it doesn't show the gear at all - only if your feet is on the pedal or ACC is on.

  13. It seems that pc with + headphones (100€ and up) gives a whole new level of footsteps.

  14. This! It should actually get more attention...We had a talk yesterday. My buddy complained he cannot hear any footsteps (except the very last second) or any lootboxes. So we did some tests and tried it out.

  15. I don't know. I can't hear anything. I've got DT990 Pro's 250ohm with a headphone amplifier rated for 600ohms and i still can't hear any footsteps even though i've tuned my equalizer for the range of footsteps audio.

  16. Damn, this is getting interested... I compared the Logitech G935 and my DT770 and there is a difference in the frequency ranges, so I thought that might be the explanation. But if you get the same issue using the DT990, which has the same range as mine, then I'm lost :/

  17. It cancels fantastic until I'm in a call and trying to talk. Then the mics lose their minds and start amplifying everything they've been cancelling.

  18. is it possible that you simply have to disable "speak to chat" setting in the app? just discovered the same issue, disabled it, not it works well.

  19. The real question is if his game crashes, will his x2 xp just disappear like the last few games.

  20. Lol at least he can actually slay. It’s the guys who can barely get 15 kills and don’t play the obj that suck

  21. yeah, it's the guys who are noobs and put with symfuhny in the lobby. it's sbmm. it's mostly not their fault. you also have matches where you suck, admit it.

  22. Like from side to side it would grab the dummy for a fraction of a second but as soon as my centre dot was off centre mass it let go. My guess is PC controller AA is janky, that’s where all these videos seem to be coming from.

  23. What controller do you have? Doesn't work for me on PC with xbox controller as well, zero assist. I have an old xbox 360 wireless controller.

  24. It's the same for me. I was about trying it out on PC with xbox controller - default AA and dynamic response curve - doesn't work for me at all. Zero assist. At least in private match with bots.

  25. Yeah but then that Kills lobbies on PC cause next to no one on console plays M&K, even some PC players play Controller so CoD would be dead on PC so quick.

  26. Thats not exactly true. I had some lobbies yesterday with KBM players only, it took just seconds to get into a new game. At least as of now, there are enough players to fill any type of lobby quickly.

  27. Token countdown - No idea how much time remains with XP Tokens once activated!

  28. more than that: if your game crashes, you'll loose active tokens. happened to me yesterday: activated 1h xp token and 1h weapon xp - game crashes after match started, tokens were gone on re-login (played some matches to see there was no double xp anymore)... sucks

  29. 8 months, but still... just discovered it: if you know at which rpm your car does launch control (or just try it out with manual to check out), simply roll out in 1st gear until you get about the rpm which is used for launch control, then hit brake and throttle at the same time (or one instantly after another) - the car will switch into launch control mode.

  30. Thanks, was pretty fun! ^^ I liked the second half more, the first one is pretty pedal to the metal. Between 9-10 minutes with stock RS3 Sedan

  31. Yes, that’s it. I had same problem and it was fixed by buying a new one. I even tried the reset in the garage first, and that didn’t work.

  32. Damn, didn't think of that, will try! Mine was tuned and I just removed the tune, but looks like it's not enough. Thanks, guys!

  33. worked for me on the 1st try. but the 2nd challenge with Isetta just doesn't work, even tho I tried it for 20 times with 55mph (88,6 kmh) on descents on different speed traps, with stick obviously. dunno what to do

  34. That bacteriphage look like nano robots lol

  35. It's actually not as simple as that. Bacteria can become resistant to bacteriophage. You need to use bacteriophage and antibiotics in a careful balance to get the best results.

  36. Either resistant against antibiotics or against bacteriphage. Bacteria can't resist to both at the same time.

  37. How tf do people find anything that turns into something tangible on this app?!

  38. I took advice from a (lady) friend of mine who had been on tinder waaaay too long, so maybe not the oracle I see her as, but it landed me way way more dates. To the point that I'm taking it easy now to avoid guaranteeing that I catch omicron. Aside from her telling me to not be myself (lol) her advice was roughly:

  39. Not exactly a liar. Personally, I had no luck at all. But a friend of mine. He's getting on dates multiple times a week, for ONS only tho. Well, at least some girls are trying to hook him, but doesn't work. At this point said: this guy looks like a class a model: great hair, trained body, pretty face, nice & kinda expensive clothes. Same with the car. The whole "portfolio" on tinder looks accordingly...

  40. “Wouldn’t it be funny if we have sex hahaha, I’m joking unless….”

  41. Ah c'mon! Even tho tinder is an app for (mostly) sex dating, swiping right doesn't actually mean "I want to fuck you"

  42. Wow. Und ich werde ständig von der Polizei aus dem Bett geklingelt, weil meine geistesgestörte Nachbarin es witzig findet, das gesamte Haus im Rotationsprinzip mit ausgedachten Lärmbelästigungen zu terrorisieren.

  43. Cool. Ich hab hier einen Alkoholiker als Nachbarn, der scheinbar die Zeit nicht lesen kann und alle Nachbarn wach hält. Wenn man die Polizei ruft (auch 3x während einer Nacht unter der Woche), klingeln die immer bei dem Anrufer und nicht bei dem Verursacher der Ruhestörung.

  44. Klebeband kaufen und auf die Klingel des Alkis kleben und darauf hofen, dass er den Schlüssel vergisst und sich ausschließt, wenn er nach draußen geht um den Übeltäter zu finden. (Menschenvereachtende Lösung)

  45. Danke! Ich ziehe zwar Ende des Monats um, aber dem Rat werde ich bis dahin trotzdem folgen. Denn der Spaß geht seit einem Jahr schon, nachdem seine Frau mit der Tochter von ihm wegen häuslicher Gewalt abgehauen ist. Gibt's zwar Pausen, aber nur kurze. Gerade eskaliert es... Wusste gar nicht, dass man den psychiatrischen Dienst auf diese Weise einschalten kann (bzw ist mir das nicht in den Kopf gekommen)

  46. Get tested for Lyme disease immediately, or you are in for a world of trouble

  47. Not immediately, but definitely. I think you have to wait a couple of weeks, because before it's not visible. At least thats what doctors in Germany say.

  48. They are not even capable to fix some critical bugs for weeks, what firing range are we talking about

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