1. That Skynyrd one is so fucking sick!

  2. Mid - late 60’s in my opinion

  3. 50’s-60’s. Definitely pre 1970’s.

  4. Is it just me or does he look like Eric Foreman and where's the Vista Cruiser?

  5. I was thinking 70s just annoying I can't find any info on the brand

  6. Yeah, there were a lot of obscure brands back in the day.

  7. Accuses a random guy of one of the worst possible offenses imaginable. Realizes it’s the wrong guy.

  8. Accept the fact that you live in the real world, and people have different opinions than you.

  9. I said find proof. Not find a conservative newscasters opinion. She even says "is it dementia? I dont know".

  10. Im still waiting. Oh, you dont have any evidence you say? Ok I get it, you are delusional and brainwashed.

  11. There’s no point in arguing with a fool like you.

  12. “Y’all wanna hangout at the cornfields and take our shirts off?”

  13. Why would you, as a complete stranger, put yourself in between two men fist fighting? Dudes gonna get himself killed.

  14. Probably early 2000’s because it’s made in Bangladesh, but still says Russell Corporation is located in Alexander City. Fruit of the Loom bought them out in 2006.

  15. Mid 60’s - early 70’s. People pay a pretty penny for vintage mohair on eBay.

  16. Thanks! Feel really lucky I was able to snag this at a flea market for $10

  17. Nice. I bought a mohair cardigan recently at the thrift for $6 and sold it the same day for $200, but you should rock it if it’s your style.

  18. Here’s the same tee in a different color way.

  19. “I’m bout to rock his shit br- REEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!”

  20. Dude has severe brain damage or he’s dead

  21. Unhinged, blabbering lunatic.

  22. Insufferable, cliche fuck boy

  23. “Do you want me to pay for my half?”

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