1. I'm a 33 year old, straight, cis woman happily married and this show has also immensely affected me. It's crazy how such a "feel good", optimistic show has left me feeling sad, nostalgic, depressed.

  2. Any update on your placement? I’m a US applicant and was able to select Navarra as a choice (1st choice). Currently admitida, haven’t received a placement yet.

  3. I've been put on a waiting list. I don't have priority as I'm a first year and there are too few places in Navarra. I was told that I could choose any other region and that I'd be placed immediately, but I'm only interested in Navarra. I guess it's more competitive now that Americans can apply for the region too.

  4. I'm an Australian applicant who applied with a passport with less than 12 months' validity (which is clearly stated as a requirement) in order to get as low an inscrita number as possible. After I applied through Profex, it took me another month to get a new passport. When I got the new passport, someone from their IT team helped to change my Profex account details over to the new passport number so that I wouldn't have to submit a completely new application. They didn't change my status in Profex to admitida until after I had my new passport. Therefore presumably they won't be able to process your application if you don't have a valid passport.

  5. Pamplona is a great city to live in and doesn't get too many tourists except during Sanfermines. There's also a slow but constant trickle of pilgrims throughout the year.

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