Senator Sinema in Senate Banking Committee Hearing March 28th, 2023 to Michael Barr Vice Chair of the Federal Reserve: "When people on Reddit and Twitter can spot bank mismanagement before the regulators, something is terribly wrong." Video clip at 03:05:00

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  1. While they still held it, people could have been held back with the peril of them dumping.

  2. A large majority of the 870k is probably a bunch of inactive reddit accounts and bots. But Superstonk is one of the most active subreddits last I heard. Look at the OG gambling sub, 10 milly plus, but they have like 1 post per hour. It's a ghost town full of bots mostly.

  3. Their top mod is a citadel employee

  4. I don't care, it needs to be known

  5. Bank the unbanked. Economic freedom for 8 billy people. That's when job's done.

  6. CashFusion in Android? Awesome

  7. Where's Max Keiser when you need him? Not that I could change his mind anyway.

  8. Here to the big blockers again with their dishonest tactics like "read the white paper" and "try it for yourself"

  9. Sadly, this is an actual quote.

  10. Sinema co-sponsoring a bill that “claws back bank executive money” sounds good in theory. But I believe she is bought by Griffin. I wouldn’t trust that bill.

  11. That's just one sacrificial goat, not systemic change

  12. You're not wrong. The surprising thing is that this actually might be about ~90 percent of what we're doing as human beings.

  13. It's a stochastic parrot. It cannot reason.

  14. 90% more grifters gonna grift

  15. •If the exchange can't access your funds , I doubt anyone here can help you.

  16. Treat CEXes like public toilets: enter, do your business, and leave.

  17. Yes we will with ruby slippers on all our tentacles and will whisper who is the fairest of them all!

  18. If this thread is just Kraken PR, it's pretty genius ngl

  19. You just got me hyped for tomorrow!!!

  20. That's my secret Cap. I'm always hyped.

  21. It's hard for me to get upset about this because you can already see what the ultimate conclusion is going to be. They continually take money away from people right. That gets used to create the next run. Look at the majority of people who have made real money. All they did is buy a lot of Bitcoin or ether, camp on it, then sell it into a hype cycle. Like that's all there is to it

  22. Your video reminded me of this

  23. Slap Baywatch music on it. Call it the Hoffer.

  24. I love the feel of it, besides the functionality.

  25. Dude really, please keep the feel. I'm sick of all the run of the mill sites.

  26. Shit used to piss me off. It's actually just pretty reaffirming and confirming all the DD because they just literally can NOT have GME make a run. It's cool to just be zen, lay back, and buy more GME at a discount!

  27. I'm zen about the daily price movements, but I can't bear the suspense for 10K.

  28. I use it on Amazon with the Bitpay Browser Extension.

  29. I'll give you a "follow the money" explanation:

  30. Sorry, but the most hated person is SBF.

  31. We also have Mr Sun and Mr Devasini and his iFinex companions, and Mr Heart, and ...

  32. This is perfect! But make it into a video rather than a gif, so it's pausable

  33. The biggest threat to those instructions is peer to peer electronic cash, but they tried to sabotage it.

  34. In your greed, y'all are not that different from the wall street peons.

  35. People that turned into crypto because of the bank fiascos:

  36. I think it may make some people more aware of crypto but honestly, the vast majority of people won't care. Traditional banking is the norm and until there is a shift away from that, it will continue to be the norm.

  37. Most importantly, there needs to be a way to transact cheaply, for peer to peer electronic cash to find its usecase.

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