in the fields - in the fields, me, acrylic, 2022

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  1. Beautiful. Kenya tree looks so nice

  2. Americans blaming Russia 😂, Look at your country’s history.

  3. These look beautifully neat. On my list if I win it in raffle.

  4. Tbh you don't need a sump, just a routine and I highly recommend you use an ATO on the small tank. I had excellent results on a small 25ish gallon sps reef by using an auto doser (alk and calc), an ATO, and weekly 5 gallon water changes. After about 6 months I started doing water changes every 2 weeks. The biggest thing you don't get with a small tank is time to correct any problems

  5. Hey. Thanks for the advise. I do have Tunze 3155 ATO and I absolutely trust it and believe in the importance of an ATO. In April this year I went in a vacation for 45 days just trusting it by connecting it to a reservoir of 20 Gallons RO water. And guess what, not a single coral died. Same with my Red Sea auto doser. Worked like a champ. I just wanted to evaluate that how much of a difference would an extra 8-10 gallons make if I used a sump. Based on limited response I feel that they are not a must have but a nice to have.

  6. Adding 50% more water volume should help in that stable parameters, especially Alk, are crucial to keeping SPS. That said, it’s not a must. What are you dosing and how are you dosing it?

  7. I am dosing All for reef and my alk remains stable around 8.5. I use auto doser.

  8. These are the type of people who’d kill you if they find you in need of help in a place when no one else was there.

  9. Pleas pleas tell me all the zoa names that you have. Left to right.

  10. Jeez. How were you able to do that to them?

  11. I like all your drawings. Like literally all of them.

  12. You know how the saying's all fun and games until someone gets rabies.

  13. Saw one of these chipmunk eating a baby bird today afternoon

  14. Cyohastrea possibly. Picture it in light for clear identification

  15. Tank is a Red Sea Reefer 350 and is 90 gal. Equipment include UV filter, skimmer, refugium (for copepods for mandarin pair). I also dose Tropic Marin All-for Reef (haven’t done a water change in over 2 years..amazing stuff) and dose nitrates since I have lots of softies.

  16. I recently went on vacation for 45 days with just AFR for dosing and Tunze 3155 ATO for water top off for my 20 gallon cube. When I came back the parameters were rock solid. AFR is so amazing stuff once you get the dosing rate finalized after initial settling in period.

  17. Right!? I don’t understand why more reefers don’t use’s amazing stuff!!

  18. Same here. I am relatively new to hobby so maybe there is something I am missing with separate dosing. But the awesomeness of AFR is that it used one dosing head and maintains the entire alk, ca, mg. Not to mention the benefit that you don’t have to dose other micros.

  19. Move that stunner. Before it kills the other one.

  20. I was about to ask the same thing to OP. Are they already not killing each other?

  21. I don’t understand what’s happening here. Why is that Lynx just sitting there passively in that guys arms? Why isn’t it attacking the guy? Is it sedated? It doesn’t appear to be dead since it’s making noise.

  22. Thanks, Will try this trick on my next trip to Sundarbans.

  23. I also won these in size 6 (w) for my wife. Back to back draw after winning the zebra earlier

  24. How many decades did it take to grow to this size 😇? I planted an acropora (different one) and in 1 year it has done nothing.

  25. Theres really no right answer. When the coral is happy and growing, it can grow from a large frag to a colony in a very quick time. Months, even. But even dudes who grow basketball sized colonies in a year will tell you there are some coral that do nothing for a long time before seeming to “wake up.”

  26. Thanks. What’s the ph that you maintain? Also what par were they in?

  27. Nice. They look way less weird on your feet than that other guy’s.

  28. Ha ha . I also remember the other guy and the fit on his feet was weird

  29. Totally not required. Some Indian stupid politician says something offensive and innocents who earn their living are getting impacted. Gulf countries should be rational in their response. Hitting ordinary people with consequences is not good. If they have the courage they should bring it to the Indian consulate in their country and deal with them.

  30. S just wanted his bike. The bike reminded him of his circus days.

  31. Motherfu**er is a joke 🥹🥹

  32. They look very healthy. What’s the last one?

  33. One of the key things to remember is that everything in reef is slow. Planted tank can fill in 3-4 months and look awesome but reef tank literally takes atleast 3-5 months to stabilize and after that the growth rate of corals are not at par with the growth rate seen in planted tank. As one user suggested BRS is your friend. They offer very amazing advices.

  34. That's fair! I have heard that, I even saw some people complain about it in other subreddits, so I knew somewhat that it'd take us awhile. But I don't mind it, instant rewards are nice, but long term rewards are way better, I've learned.

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